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Tags for George W. Bush's statement that he doesn't think we can win the war on terror on NBC's "Today" show (Browse Tags)

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George W. Bush's statement that he doesn't think we can win the war on terror on NBC's "Today" show

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On August 30, George W. Bush responded to the question "Can we win (the war on terror)" by saying "I don't think you can win it. But you can create conditions so that those who use terror as a tool are less acceptable in parts of the world." (Add picture)

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Reviews for George W. Bush's statement that he doesn't think we can win the war on terror on NBC's "Today" show  1-8 OF 8

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CanadaSucks (35)
There isn't enough time or energy to write about the intellectual, linguistic, and verbal gaffes of a president who has an entire fan base trying to convince the rest of the world that he isn't an incomprehensible idiot. Perhaps you're right and the rest of the first-world nations are wrong- but I doubt it.1
terrabyte (0)
a moment of honesty3
bibliophile (9)
I was so proud to hear this president, for once, speak honestly and realistically. Damn it all if he didn't reverse himself. Now, that reversal might hurt him more than if he had just stuck with the truth at long last. I was disapponted that Kerry pounced on Bush's honest statement and asserted that, yes we could win the war on terror. This is nonsense, but I suppose at least nobody will call Kerry a flip-flopper on this one. This will be a protracted conflict, and the best we can hope for is to greatly reduce terrorist acts in the short term before terrorists lose interest in violent terrorism. Bush was right - we will not win against terrorism decisively, in some cut and dried fashion. Terrorism will eventually decrease only if our leaders make sound policy decisions.3
kwhyman (22)
I think W has yet to make a sound policy decision in our war on terror. Chosing to go haphazardly into Afghanistan instead of whole hog let Osama slip out. Going into Iraq with no international help, and using lies and fiction to justify it to Congress and the American people was inexcusable. I for one laughed my ass off when W put his foot in his mouth and took a big bite. Then again, John Kerry hasn't done or said much to reassure me that he would be any better, recently. Gatting harder for me to choose the lesser of two evils anymore...2
AndrewScott (76)
I absolutely agree with the nitpicky and irrelevant comment. Bush quickly reversed that position with a more optimistic view the next day. Given the Republican strategy to paint Kerry as a pessimistic flip-flopper, I'm sure there would have been at least as much irrelevant posturing on this if the remark came from Kerry. If only more politicians remembered the kindergarten lesson: Play fair.1
TriSec (2)
Who's flip-floppin' now??1
magellan (122)
It's nitpicky and irrelevant. Not a gaffe at all.1
Tompson (0)
For once I agree with the president. Though the cause of this war is noble, it is indeed impossible to win. Why? because terror is a universal, usually un-organized force that will always be around. Not a concentrated force like say, the militray of a country that can be controlled and kept in check... 2
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