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Overall Rating:2.56 based on 16 ratings
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ItemImageDemocrat. Governor of New Mexico

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jgls (14)

would be a formidable candidate in the general election as he is a moderate hispanic, but he has no chance of winning the nomination of the democratic party, so it really doesn't matter.

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abichara (63)
Good candidate, brings a lot to the table in terms of both executive and foreign policy experience. In fact, I think Richardson is the best prepared candidate to be President. He's currently a governor; he has legislative experience, he served as a Congressman, and his time at the UN helped hone in his skills at diplomacy. He also has extensive ties in the international community. All of this can help him hit the ground running once he becomes President, more so than the other candidates like Obama or even some of the Republicans like Giuliani or Romney, all of whom will have a significant learning curve when it comes to foreign policy. Richardson will have it down solidly from day 1, which is a major plus, especially today. Ive always found it surprising that he doesnt gather more support in the polls, being that hes very qualified for the job. Certainly more than Obama or Edwards, who currently leads Richardson in fundraising.

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irishgit (152)
Some viability as a candidate but having some trouble attracting the money needed to compete at a national level.

The widely held belief that he's campaigning for a VP or cabinet post isn't helping him.

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DeadMeat (5)
This guy is seriously over-publicized relative to his actual accomplishments. Frankly, like most Mountain States politicians, he's just grasping for a cabinet position, or, if really fortunate, the VP-ship.

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luridlloyd (10)
Most qualified. Positioning himself for a V.P. nomination? Maybe.

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Victor83 (42)
Of all the candidates, Richardson is the only one who has taken a strong stand on the border and illegal immigration. For that he has my respect. However, he is only in the race so he can be Hillary's veep.

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Drummond (60)
My favorite of the big name candidates. He's taking the most firm stand on Iraq withdrawal, and he's done an excellent job as governor of New Mexico.

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jamestkirk (24)
No realistic chance because he won't get enough money to campaign against Hillary and Obama during the primaries. He really should not even go further with his campaign.

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