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Overall Rating: 2.50 based on 18 ratings

Democrat Former Senator from North Carolina

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purpledonkey (0)
I don't want someone having control over our military, that believes they are all high-school drop-outs.4
louiethe20th (62)
The Breck girl can't even win North Carolina.3
magellan (129)
A lightweight on many of the more important issues, and way too leftist / populist for my personal tastes. I do respect the fact that he was fabulously successful in his past career as a lawyer, but in my mind, that's about all he has going for him.2
Victor83 (34)
This guy once "communed" with the dead in front of a jury. He won the case, by the way. What more could we ask for in a President?2
abichara (55)
I don't see what's so extraordinary about Edwards or his campaign message. He's a former one term Senator with little in the way of experience, who really underperformed as Kerry's running-mate in 2004. He didn't even help the Democrats carry one Southern state. I also dont think he performed all that well against Dick Cheney in the Vice Presidential debates.

Then there is the issue of principle. Why wasn't he more vocal about his opposition to the war when he voted to authorize the original action back in 2002? And why has he become such an outspoken advocate for universal health care and other liberal issues only after he left the Senate? Simple, hes done it all out of pure political expedience. Being anti-war and pro-universal healthcare aren't winning positions in North Carolina. Not that there is anything wrong with that: some of our greatest Presidents have acknowledged political realities at one point or another in time in their careers and have advocated policies that go against their principles. In Edwards case, I think he's too slick, too much of a lightweight to be elected. In short, there isnt a whole lot there. He has a lot of plans, but little in the way of how to actually get there. That is where experience is key.
irishgit (120)
Appears too slick and too glib, because he is too slick and too glib.

There's also some baggage here, and you can be sure his "friends" within his own party will be making full use of it.
DeadMeat (5)
John Edwards is the only candidate worthy of a vote on the Demactratic side. He has proven himself steadfast, forthright and personable. Frankly, if the Democrats are silly enough to choose any other candidate to run in the 2008 general election....well they better hope america REALLY hates the GOP. i'ld vote for this gentleman in a primary, or general election.3
jgls (7)
i find him less objectionable than most of the other democratic candidates, but i wouldn't vote for him if i was at gunpoint.3
Ironstein (0)

Seeing that these other reviews are from before the 1st debate on April 26, I think the errors in them will be obvious to most of us now. Edwards is obviously not too far left after you've seen him standing on stage with Kucinich and Gravel; however, he is not to the right like Hillary or the others, because when asked if he agreed with the phrase "War on Terrorism", along with Kucinich and Gravel, he didn't raise his hand; which means he understands that global terrorism is not something firm enough to simply point and shoot at; and he made the point that we need to work to convince potential jihadists that we are not out to kill Muslims in general.

He is showing us courage and presidential ability when he says, "If Bush vetos the Iraq funding bill with timetables, then pass it again and send it back until he either signs it, or the troops come home."  He's right and if the congress gives in, Edwards will shoot to the top of the democratic presidential candidates.

Edward's health care plan is not socialized medicine. Everybody knows it needs fixing, but he doesn't propose to put everyone on the same program, or subsidize the drug companies. He identifies the need for reform of administrative inefficiencies and lowering costs by increasing collective bargaining and allowing a government health care insurance provider to compete with the private sector in the same way that the Fed uses interest rates to adjust the loan rates of private banks. It's alright to make a profit, but the market is supposed to be the perfect mechanism for providing for the needs of the people; so why isn't it being done. I think big business is using runaway debt to manipulate the market, as was done during the Gilded Age early last century. It is time a government of the People set things right. 

Drummond (52)
He's not the best campaigner, but he is the only candidate making poverty and income discrepency a national issue. I would have no trouble voting for him, but I think there are a couple of better candidates.2
bri719 (10)
has carefully and strongly staked his ground as THE far left candidate. this cannot be overstated2
CanadaSucks (38)
. . .that little voice in my head is calling- "No more slick-talking, hustling rednecks." We've had two of them in a row and could use a change. . .3
jamestkirk (22)
I like his charisma, but he has disappointed me as a candidate. He has no chance against the money machines of Hillary and Obama, but even if he did, I know I could not support him. He is far more liberal than I ever thought he was, and he is one of the candidates who strikes me as not quite as sincere and genuine as I look for any political candidate to be. In other words, he says what he feels he needs to say to get votes rather than sticking to a consistent message that he sincerely feels is right. 5
EschewObfuscation (61)
I don't see him as the strongest democrat, he is not liberal enough, hasn't denounced the war enough and will not raise funds well in traditional (what an odd word) democrat fund-raising circles.  Good hai is telegenic but a strong, intelligent campaign is usually more important.  That will hurt Edwards.  And if Rudy G is light on experience, how is Edwards a candidate?2
luridlloyd (7)
It is just about time for a populist movement to take hold. The rich are getting very rich, and the middle class are feeling pressure. In many states like Ohio unlimited free trade doesn't seem like such a good idea. Japan imposes many restrictions on trade, and they seem to do OK. One day,and it might be due to war, we'll regret not being able to produce steel in this country. Edwards may be a little ahead of his time. Populism will get stronger as the years pass. Edwards' meassage isn't being heard since the Iraq war is drowning out everything. 2
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