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Overall Rating: 2.25 based on 16 ratings

Republican. Former Speaker of the House

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GenghisTheHun (153)
Newt has too much baggage to be a credible candidate. The Democrats would love it, however.1
abichara (55)
Smart guy, but his 15 minutes of political fame expired about 10 years ago. He would have been considered a serious candidate had he run for Pres. in 1996. 2
DeadMeat (5)
LMAO...I love listening to the sharp-witted, intelligent politician. In all honesty, though, does anyone really believe he has a shred of integrity remaining? there was a time I would've voted this guy for any office he wanted to run for...but those days are LONG gone. Besides, I'ld hate to lose his political and color commentary on the media talk shows and weekly news gabs...:)2
jgls (7)
makes dick cheney look like santa claus. i have nothing against him, but quite frankly, most americans do not like him at all.1
FranksWildYears (35)
Is he still alive?  Politically, I mean.3
luridlloyd (7)
Newt can express theories that are interesting, and sometime they sound compelling. It is just that time has shown many of the Neo-Con ideas don't work. The lack of a "Marshall" type plan in Iraq, in favor of corporate advantages has been a mess. The result is No Electricity, No Clean Water, & No Jobs. The Neo-Con experiment is failure. So as a candidate can Newt make failed thinking sound good? I guess better than Huckabee or Tancredo.1
Drummond (52)
You've GOT to be kidding!3
bri719 (10)
I don't think he's a serious candidate... coddling the far right vote/interests ala Edwards on the left4
CanadaSucks (38)
The president of a golf resort in Kansas- yes. . .but not anything else. . .5
jamestkirk (22)
I like Gingrich, but he is too polarizing of a figure and has no chance in a general election. It would be best for him to save a lot of folks' money and not even run.4
37102002 (2)
I actually like Newt, even though I am on opposite end of political spectrum. Unlike a lot of republicans, he is a guy of ideas. He thinks about things which would be a refreshing change from the current white house leadership.3
numbah16tdhaha (133)
EschewObfuscation (61)
He hasn't answered his critics effectively and the press hatred quotient is still effective against him.  Conservatives love his views and ideas but he's too easy to characterize as radically right wing.  He may wind up as a VP candidate.3
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