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Overall Rating: 2.85 based on 20 ratings

Republican. Former Mayor of New York City

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purpledonkey (0)
What a fake. Rudy has a nice blind eye.2
gaoxiaen (0)
Ron Paul is better than any of these guys. Ghouliani's a cross-dressing closet Nazi. An embarrassment if elected.1
Victor83 (34)
If this guy gets the RNC nomination, people better get used to saying "President Clinton" all over again.2
irishgit (120)
Raising the cash to be competitive, but the sledding gets tougher from here in.

It remains to be seen what kind of appeal he has outside the north-east, and there is no shortage of clubs in this guys background for opponents to beat him with
DeadMeat (5)
I remember him fondly for his Reagan-Era accomplishments. New York politicians, however, are poor presidential material...like flat-earthers...what...the sun DOESNT revolve around NY?5
luridlloyd (7)
After reading many who consider him a good leader(I don't count myself as one who'd like to follow him), I still feel he has shown bad judgment too many times.    Update:  In the debates he goes out of his way to show how tough he is.  This is just childish.  He looks to be as big of an Ego/Tough Talk Guy as W.    Not Good.3
Drummond (52)
He's the best of the Republican candidates, and but for the Iraq war issue I might even have considered voting for him if the wrong Democrat was nominated. It's a moot point. his pro-choice and pro-gay rights stands will bar him from the GOP nomination.2
bri719 (10)
has the best chance right now2
CanadaSucks (38)
Love the ex-wives. . .love the estranged son who won't endorse or talk about him. . .everyone outside of NY doesn't quite get the Rudy that bugs many inside the big apple- Rudy might be a fine politician but as a presidential candidate he has more personal skeletons than (insert clever metaphor here). . .4
jamestkirk (22)
If this election is about proven and effective leadership, then Rudy is at the top of this growing list. There is plenty of dirt on Rudy and his skin will need to be as tough as a gator's because the mainstream media and all of his opponents, both Republican and Democrat, are going to bring it on. Rudy will not be pleasing to the Christian right, and he wil not be endeared by the liberal left. He is a true centrist, and that may be enough to get him elected. Right now, he needs to define himself clearly as a presidential candidate and speak plainly to the American public rather than speaking in general, feel-good terms with no clear definition as Senators Clinton and Obama are currently doing. 9
37102002 (2)
Clearly the most democratic candidate the repubs have. I could live with a Guilani in the white house, someone who at least is not tied to some rigid puritanical moral code , unlike the far right of his party. He is sensible.6
EschewObfuscation (61)
He has an outside chance, but will need an outstanding campaign to win the nomination.  Usually, if it takes that much effort and luck to win the gauntlet of primaries, a candidate has too many apparent scars to win in the national election.5
Ben999 (7)
I like most of his domestic policies and I think he was great as mayor of New York City, especially in the post 9/11 era. I just don't think he's tough enough or has enough experience on the foreign policy issues ie. Iraq, N. Korea and Iran3
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