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Overall Rating: 2.04 based on 24 ratings

Democrat. New York State Senator

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rockybuttbutt (0)
"Hypocritical whore" does not begin to adequately describe her.1
purpledonkey (0)
Too many questions, too many scandals.4
SZinHonshu (44)
I deem neither Marxism nor political correctness running amok to be in my nation's best interests. The first 8 years of Billary in the Oval Office was more than enough for me2
louiethe20th (62)
To quote the Wizard of OZ, "Not no way, not no how!"3
LastMessenger3 (43)
I am not for or against her, but she does stand a good chance of winning.0
magellan (129)
Eminently qualified to be President. Unless I'm really missing something, nobody has more Presidential level experience than her, and nobody is more of a heavyweight on the issues. At this point, she wouldn't be my first choice however, unless she was up against a real idealogue on the other side. Like a lot of Americans, I just don't quite trust her, and I just don't find her inspiring.5
Victor83 (34)

I would vote for neither Hilary nor Obama....but at least Obama made his own way- as opposed to being a professional leech/ carpetbagger. By the way, when did she serve as executive? Was that 1993-2001? 

Update:  I agree that she is not qualified to be Pres. I also belive that she will be the DNC nominee and that she stands a good chance of winning the whole shooting match. her greatest asset is the fact that people continually underestimate her.


irishgit (120)
Is the obvious Democrat front runner at this point, but there's a lot of miles to go and flesh to press before the ballots are counted.

Frankly, I have my doubts that she'll win the nomination. There is an undercurrent "ABH" movement (Anybody But Hillary) afoot in the Democratic camp, and once the primaries get closer look for shifts to start happening. If she falters at all in the early primaries, she's toast.
DeadMeat (5)
230+ years and we've yet to elect a woman, or a minority into our highest elected office. I'm betting it'll be another 8 before we break with that onerous tradition. Frankly, I have always believed HR-C had all the "right stuff" to handle the presidency. however, I've also never trusted her honesty...which is completely different from integrity, of which she seems to have plenty. The spin-doctoring and "say it enough and it becomes truth" regime of the Bush administration was developed and perfected during the (Bill) Clinton administration...though never used so destructively. In any case, why should I vote for a democrat (male or female) who tries to be more of a republican than a republican?2
luridlloyd (7)
She is proffesional and informed.  Her Senate record is good.  She is popular upstate where voters are more conservative.  I can't understand the HATE some have for her.  I think she is more closely scrutinized by the media than most, but those who hate her so much can't hear it unless people are accusing her of killing Vince Foster with her bare hands.  I can't remember Chris Matthews saying anything good about her, but listen to how he swoons about Guliani.4
jgls (7)
this shrill harpie lacks her husband's charisma and even if she gets the democratic nomination, she will be eviscerated in the electoral college.2
Drummond (52)
For all her negatives, she's an effective leader. If I were to make a bet, I'd say she'll be the next president. I don't like here wishy-washy stands on the war, nor her compromises to lobbyists. But the right's demonization of her is over the top and I think she's weathered the worst they have to offer. 5
bri719 (10)
about the worst Prez candidate I can think of5
jamestkirk (22)
I could never support Hillary for president, but she is a legit candidate regardless of how polarizing she is. As a candidate, she is becoming more like her husband, and for her that's a good thing because it enhances her chances of sitting in the Oval Office in '09. Like President Clinton, she will say whatever she has to say to whomever to get elected. This leads in to why I could never support her: she is not genuine nor sincere. Like Obama, she is riding the wave of an incredibly friendly and non-critical mainstream media press corp. She also has yet to agree to go on the air with a journalist who will grill her and cause her to take a stand on several critical issues other than leaving Iraq and "bringing this nation together". All that said, there are three clear individuals whom I feel will be our next president, and Hillary is one of them.10
DynaSword1125 (18)
I believe she will be our next president, some are hoping this won't be true, if she is?, well who cares? who can actually straighten this entire mess out, this country is in? it's to far gone. 5
numbah16tdhaha (133)
She will mobilize alot of voters... to show their ass up to cast a ballot against her.

UPDATE: You could show me a Republican ticket with Satan on it and I'd consider it over her.

UPDATE: A woman is no problem, I am just seriously opposed to somebody with enough ambition to sell out her family for a political power chip getting her hands on the White House AGAIN. That, her voting record, and most of the things that come out of her mouth frighten me.
37102002 (2)
Hillary is by far the best candidate the dems have running. She has years of experience at both the legislative and executive levels. Plus she still has Bill's great mind to draw off of for guidance.6
EschewObfuscation (61)
The inexplicable darling of the American media.  Favorably slanted coverage can usually only carry a candidate so far.  If her husband could win a national election with such a slight resume, so could she, particularly when John F(rancois) Kerry nearly defeated an incumbent president.  What a country.5
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