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Overall Rating: 2.27 based on 15 ratings

Republican Senator from Arizona

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CanadaSucks (38)
Remember when McCain was seen as a true Repub. maverick? Who wasn't a kiss-ass to dogma? (At least in presentation.) It has been strange to watch his reputation slide- remember kids- Phil Collins once dominated the world with three number one hits and now he couldn't play the town fair. . .2
GenghisTheHun (153)
Old jet pilot McCain had a flame-out this go-round.2
gaoxiaen (0)
Ron Paul is better than any of these guys. McCain's finished.0
DeadMeat (5)
I used to respect this man. then came his period of great compromises and ambition. After McCain/Feingold Campaign "Reform" (which did anything BUT reform a broken, corrupt system) and The Surge (which in actuality merely replaces Coalition Troops whose Countries have refused to renew their troop commitments), I would never trust this guy again. Sorry Mr McCain...my vote was yours to lose and, well, you lost it good...:)3
jgls (7)
i like and respect senator mccain, but i get the feeling that he lacks the passion to be president. he seems to be going through the motions.2
Drummond (52)
I don't think he can recover from the fallout of the stunt in Iraq - not with the body count of the next day.4
bri719 (10)
pretty good, but he's being eclipsed by ...2
jamestkirk (22)
A legit candidate for the Oval Office. I don't like his views on immigration at all, but he is respected and has a good grip on international issues as far as I am concerned. I could support him as a candidate, but I feel Guiliani is a better candidate. That being said, McCain would defeat Obama in a general election and it would be a flip of the coin between him and Hillary.4
37102002 (2)
McCain again is another what I consider moderate republican, which I as a democrat can live with. I dont want to sound discrimatory, but he is older than I would want my president to be. He is already in his 70's, and if he takes over, with all the stress from iraq, n korea and iran, and al-qaeda, and hamas, and hezbollah, I dont know if the guy's ticker will hold up.3
EschewObfuscation (61)
His time has passed.  He's a great man and a great American but if he was electable in a national election, George W. Bush would never have served as President.3
Ben999 (7)
Seems to be the only candidate with a clear plan for Iraq.1
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