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Overall Rating: 2.38 based on 26 ratings
ItemImageDemocrat. Senator from Illinois.

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MikeFuckabee (0)
patheticly the best choice given to America this time around... at least his mother is an atheist, that's worth something.
MDStewart (6)
His dad was a muslim, his mom an atheist.  He claims he's not a muslim, yet I'm not too sure.  On the issues?  He hasn't the experince.
James76255 (15)
Just... No. He's a great speaker, but so are a lot of people I wouldn't want as President of the United States. He is very inexperienced at national politics and may very well be destroying what might have been a great chance to be elected in later years. As for the 2008 election, he may have messed in his own nest when he tried to compare living somewhere when he was six to foriegn policy experience.
louiethe20th (64)
Trails Hillary by nearly 20 points in every poll. Has very little chance at this point. In a survey of Democrats, 55 percent said they would vote for Harry Potter over Barak Obama in a presidential primary. Check out www.obamatruth.org to see the caring side of Osama Obama.
SZinHonshu (43)
This guy has two things going for him (from my perspective): 1) He hasn't got much of a record or done a whole lot, so people can project whatever qualities or attributes upon him that they like, and 2) he's not the senator from New York.
LastMessenger3 (41)
He stands a good chance, though I wouldn't count my vote on him. He came from nowhere and suddenly he's everywhere now...Some people are sold by his ways and approaches, I don't see his approach very different from others...
Victor83 (36)
Personally, I'd like to see some examples of all this "charisma" and supposed "intellect". This guy is all style and no substance- and he only has style because he is a darling of the left-leaning media.
CanadaSucks (42)
Money talks. . .so does charisma. . .so does the sheer number of contributors. . .but Obama is an intellect, an intelligent centrist, and seems far too smart for the American voting population to support- we obviously love our leaders to give dumb and worthless soundbites regarding failed policies instead of real solutions to issues. . .
irishgit (121)
An interesting point to consider is that Obama has actually equalled Clinton's fund-raising efforts for the presidency to date. She had 10 million left over from her senate campaign which she can use, which puts her in the technical fund-raising lead.

So far he seems to be appealing to a broad spectrum, but has yet to be tested in the heat of a primary campaign at the national level.

I still see him as very much an unknown quantity. He could blossom into an effective candidate, or he could wither and wilt as so many promising candidates have done before him.
DeadMeat (4)
I love the "Feel good" aspect of his candidacy, but really, other than his public speaking what has he contributed? I will say that he seems to be more consistent in voting as he says he will. I would vote for him if he were in the general, but I just can't see him making it that far, save as a VP selection.
jgls (8)
very bright young man, but my mailman has more experience in government than he does.
Drummond (54)
My choice next to Bill Richardson. Yeah, he's green, but so was Kennedy. He's sharp and he'll put together a great governing team. That's if he makes it to the presidency without being shot.
chicagoman (9)
I think he is qualfied to be president If George can do it he defenitly can. He's intelligent a great speaker I would even say he could be one of the greatest presedents of all time.
bri719 (9)

I fear Hillary more, but that isn't saying much
magellan (133)
I don't think he has a shot. My sense is that the American public will be looking for competence first and foremost in 2008, after President Bush's incompetence. In my view, McCain, Giuliani, Romney, and Hillary would all bring more competence to the office than Bush did - this is encouraging. Obama would represent a roll of the dice on someone without much of a proven record. I don't think the American public has much interest in rolling the dice at this point.
jamestkirk (22)
Obama is simply riding the wave of an incredibly friendly press who has given him free nationwide coverage and exposure because he is a very liberal black Democrat senator. Few newly elected senators have enjoyed such non-critical coverage from the mainstream media press corp. Frankly, you can't blame him for taking a carpe diem approach to this golden opportunity. As for being our next president, it's hard for me to support someone who's basic message right now is, "I'll end the war in Iraq immediately, and I'm going to bring this country together." I have too much education to vote for someone with such a general, non-specific message to the public. Until I hear some sort of platform from Obama and he is willing to get on the air with someone like Bill O'Reilly and handle some tough, specific, and revealing questions and handle them with good specific remarks, I can't support nor respect him as a candidate. Getting on the air with Larry King and Barbara Walters won't cut it. Not to mention, we are talking about an individual who has only been in Washington for two years. Ride that wave while you can, Sen. Obama.
37102002 (2)
Seems to have his heart in the right place, but he just has not been around Washington long enough for my tastes. I know some see that as a plus, but really, dont we need someone who is thouroughly familiar with what needs to be done in the US and abroad in these trying times? Now is not the time to put a rookie in charge.
Ben999 (9)
Not enough experience. Maybe in the 2012 election I would think about voting for him.
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