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joeyboy2000 (0)
Well i first joined sky because our aunt was manager there. then it changed to hungtinton and things went from "OK" to "i dont trust these people with my money, they dont deserve to have it!" The thing about the card changing thing happened to us also a few months ago in Sept when the change occured, even our aunt didnt tell us!! Then recently apparently my dad took $175 out of my account to pay a loan? He didnt know anything of the sort, well it all comes down to because he didnt have sufficient funds in his account and he was in control though not the main user of my account (due to me being under 1 at the time) we went down to them and said how can you take money out of my account when its not my loan, the lady said because it has his name on it, so my dad says well you didnt even tell me or ask for my permission to touch my sons account, "well we dont need your permission to take money from any of your accounts" i cant believe it, the attitude of the banks customer service team and the overall communication between the bank and myself are poor, i needed to cancel my CD with them, that took 3 days, 3 people, and 3 different sets of instructions before i had our aunt get someone to do it for us before it renewed for another 6 months! I think to myself if she didnt work there nothing would be solved at all, we went under 2 dollars the other day and 35 dollars was feed doe overdraft, i called and got it waived, LUCKILY, overall i pissed, how dare they screw around with your money as if they have the money so they have the right to screw with it! Ive been looking around and charles Schwab banks seems to offer better than what i right now, o will switch in the near future.

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ts2007 (0)
So, at first, I was not impressed with Huntington at all after they took over Sky Bank, of which I was a customer. I found out that my sky check card had become invalid even though they never officially told me that it had. I had to find this little fact out at my local WalMart. So I figured that my new huntington card would arrive the next day and that it had just gotten lost in the mail. When it didn't arrive, I became VERY angry at them, and I called them. Of course I was in a long line of customers waiting to be helped via phone, but instead of putting me on hold, they called me back. The lady who helped me was very nice and personable. She manged to get me a new check card rushed to me, reimbursed the rush fee to my account, and let me select which card I wanted as well as my PIN (something I wouldn't have been able to do if I had just gotten a card from Huntington as the replacement for my Sky Check Card.)

Their customer service seems to be fairly respectable. I am not, however, impressed with the fact that each PIN based transaction costs you 25 cents. Although that is a pretty common practice among banks (from my understanding), I wish that PIN based transactions would be free, due to the fact that certain stores will not let you run your debit card as a credit card without hassle.

Overall, I like Huntington's customer service. I do not like some of their banking policies. If you have a lot of Huntington branches in your area, then I would go ahead and open a Huntington Account. If there are a lot of other and possibly better options for banks in your area, I would go with those banks.

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