More Than A Feeling (Boston)

Item added by Jamie McBain. Added on 12/28/2006
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More Than A Feeling (Boston) 4

I agree with Oscar.. and I'd also point out that he seems to be one of the few who picked up on the confusing and counterintuitive skew of the rating scale for this list. A '5-Very Guilty' obviously means that the song is so painfully bad that one has to feel very guilty for liking it.. yet most reviewers using the '5' rating are giving the song in question a positive review. Doesn't make sense, but as I say, it isn't their fault. The rating scale is weird.

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More Than A Feeling (Boston) 2

I once heard this band described as a sort of mix of Led Zeppelin and Yes, which might not be exactly accurate, but is a fairly good description. Naturally enough, like Aerosmith, J.Geils, and The Cars they got a lot of play in Boston as you might expect. Distressingly, they got a lot of airplay elsewhere too, and proceeded to clone their debut album/ signature sound ever since. While the production on this album and the technological innovations on it was considered to be something of a marvel at the time, they ultimately didn't differ all that much from the rest of the arena rock acts like Kansas, Toto, Journey, and so on. This song gets played about 34 times a day on the evil corpse that is mainstream radio. Although I've been tired of it for about 20 years, I'll have to admit it's probably the best thing they ever did, and one of the very, very few arena rock songs that, despite being overplayed and overrated, actually has some worth- at first, before you hear it every day and want to assault your radio with a sledgehammer.

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