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The ACLU wants to kill Christmas

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ma duron (59)

From a comment to Canadasucks posting below (apologies):

It's hard to tell what the Christmas season means to everyone. That commercialism in the Christmas celebration has long ago taken over in the U.S. with enthusiastic compliance and encouragement by a large part of a voracious materialistic population should not obscure the fact that the season principally invoves religious commemoration and liturgy to reflect upon the birth of Jesus. None of it, by the way, as an imposition upon any unwilling participants.

No authentic religious observance should be cause for concern to the ACLU.

DynaSword1125 (27)

Kill Christmas? # 1. no one can "Kill" christmas(the christmas i,m refering as the Gospel)) #2 Christmas is not celabrating the birth of Jesus, for unto "Us" (Israel). a Son is givin to israel(Underlaw) not the Gentiles(Undergrace). #3 This so called Christmas we supposingly celabrate is a Pagan holiday,i mean ,it,s fact Read Jeremiah 10:1-8,,I don,t believe the ACLU will destroy this pagan holiday, i know people will get all sorts of  P Oed about this,,,look Paul which is our apostle,the Man we follow today as an example,a type of Moses,Paul does not mention anything about we should celabrate christmas,,Paul said he Glorifies in the Cross,not the birth,and so shall we,His Death,Burial,and Glorious Resurrection!!,that,s the Gospel (1 cor 15:1-4),this "Tradition of christmas,as we call it, has been handed down from generations,,does that mean it,s right? does it make it right? NO!,,if anyone wants to celabrate it as for giving,sharing,and and activities,,i have nothing against it,we do it ourselves,,but to many,if not most, don,t even know,or we simply don,t truly "Celabrate" Christ,s  birth?,no way shape form or fashion,most of us hit the malls,the liquor stores,and are so entangled in the event,we let the true meaning slip by,,but like i said, we should celabrate the Gospel,as i pointed out earlier,not a pagan holiday.The ACLU ,i don,t believe can kill this holiday,there is to much $Money$ tied in it,,watch what i tell you,,this tradition will continue,,No one can Kill the Gospel!they may kill a holiday,but not the gospel, that,s for sure,not even satan..

Victor83 (36)
This is not a "theory"...it is a fact that the ACLU reproves every year.  Check their record!4
GenghisTheHun (143)
I am super tired of the lawsuits, and I think that this is true. The idea that Christmas establishes religion is just pure hogwash of the legal variety.5
AutzenMaven (45)

That is odd...we just celebrated Christmas and not one person from the ACLU came by to stop me from doing it. Time to stop listening to Jay Sekulow and the ACLJ. The ACLU is out to stop things alright...they are out to stop infringements on the Constitution and Bill of Rights,..and all of the Amendments follwoing the Bill of Rights. They often are called to represent people whose philosophies they agree with...and also with those whose philosophies make them vomit. Christmas was ruined by the merchandisers long before it was "ruined" by the ACLU. UPDATE: The whole question of prayer in school is moot. As long as there are tests, there will be prayer in the public schools. UPDATE #2: Now, if they decide to go after The Great Pumpkin or the Easter Bunny...I will be pissed!

oscargamblesfro (62)
It's true! About 2 months ago I saw a pack of ACLU lawyers chasin' down Abominable from the Rudolph Special with a chainsaw.5
Enkidu (40)
The ACLU is much maligned, by people on all parts of the political spectrum.  Yet they are often the only group that will stand up for the rights of people when no one else will--NO one else.  They may not be always right--and often their causes make me sick too--but they have real courage, and I have respect for that.  And no, they're not after Christmas:  as AutzenMaven pointed out, the retailers have already ruined it for those of us who appreciate its real meaning.
Donovan (96)
UPDATE: Joe Cook the director of the Louisiana chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union said about some teachers, students, and school board members in Tangipahoa Parish who, on infrequent occasions, have offered public, “sectarian” prayers in their classrooms, at school banquets, or to open board meetings the following: “They [the Christians] have always crossed the line of separation of church and government,” Cook said. “They believe they answer to a higher power, in my opinion… which is the kind of thinking you had with the people who flew airplanes in the buildings in this country.” Now the ACLU believes Christians to be the terrorists. What was once OK in America is now becoming a crime.
 ORIGINAL MESSAGE:   Maybe I'm blind but I do not see the ACLU attacking other religious groups like they do Christians. It's not just about government funding, it's deeper than that, this group wants the Christian faith and Christ to go away. Guess what, neither will.
pugwash01 (11)

The ALCU are out to stop Christians full stop, weather in their church, their life or publicly. So it should be no surprise that they are out to stop anyone when it concerns things like the Nativity or Christmas in general. They are politically motivated to eradicate even the thought of Christianity; this is evident from their passed attacks. We all know that Christ was not born on Christmas day and that it is a day we have put aside for Christs Birthday (as it were.) We also as Christians should realize that sooner or later anything we do to celebrate Christ publicly, will eventually be taken away from us.  What we must remember is that nothing in this world can take away our Salvation and right standing in God. Whereas it is disheartening we must see the bigger picture. I would much rather see people become Christians, than to fight for something that is not fundamental to our faith in Christ. Dont get me wrong I love Christmas, but its really not that important!!!!!

Update 02/20/2007 1:40pm 

 This list is some of what the ACLU has done, is lobbying for and has failed. I will update as they continue with their Christian attacks.

If this list is not Anti Christain, what is !!!!

  • Halt the singing of Christmas carols like "Silent Night" and "Away in a Manger" in public facilities;
  • Deny the tax-exempt status of all churches--yet maintaining it for themselves as well as for various occult groups;
  • Disallow prayer--not just in the public school classrooms, but in locker rooms, sports arenas, graduation exercises, and legislative assemblies;
  • Terminate all military and prison chaplains;
  • Deny Christian school children access to publicly funded services;
  • Eliminate nativity scenes, crosses, and other Christian symbols from public property;
  • Repeal all blue law statutes;
  • Prohibit voluntary Bible reading in public schools--even during free time or after classes;
  • Remove the words In God We Trust from our coins;
  • Deny accreditation to science departments at Bible-believing Christian Universities;
  • Prevent the posting of the Ten Commandments in classrooms;
  • Terminate all voucher programs and tuition tax credits;
  • Prohibit census questions about religious affiliation;
  • Purge the words under God from the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • I might also add that they have recently tried to prevent certain things said over the pulpit or in the church buildings, regarding other beliefs or ways of life - THEY FAILED

    It is clear what they are trying to do and succeeding to do. We should get very worried when they attack the fundimentals of our faith. We better be ready!!!!  

  • 5
    Franks Wild Years (37)
    It's not the ACLU that is killing Christmas.  It's the millions and millions of people who only identify themselves as Christians for the two weeks  before Christmas and do all of their worshipping at the checkout line at WalMart.  And they get added points for getting into Heaven if they throw a buck or two in the Salvation Army Kettle and attend a church service on the 24th.4
    irishgit (102)
    Am I being asked if the ACLU is conspiring to kill Christmas, or that there is a conspiracy to make people believe that the ACLU is killing Christmas. One star on the first one. Three stars on the second one.7
    oskarschindler68 (18)
    So do I. It's nothing but a bullsh*t holiday (like ringing in the New Year) where money, presents and pain-in-the-ass traffic snarls are it's central themes. Jesus was born in the SPRINGTIME, not December 25th. I can't wait until January 2nd. 4
    IgnatiusJReilly (73)
    The ACLU and other simulair agencies are not trying to kill Christmas, they just want to goverment to stop supporting religius displays on Public property. If you want to put up a gigantic Nativty Scene on your roof, go right ahead. The ALCU will even send you a lawyer to help you fight city hall when they arrest for disturbing the peace with your bright lights. They try to defend the rights of everyone, no matter how offensive the cause may be.5
    lightfinger2000 (1)
    since when do minorities dictate policy.if someone is offended by the christmas holiday because it is not there belief then go somewhere else where you feel more comfortable.This country gives a person the right to worship as they want it does not grant the right to restrict how people choose to display that action.If a restaraunt serves spinach for dinner,I dont make them change the whole menu without regard to those that do like it just because I think it tastes bad.That is how ridiculous things have become.Other things I am tired of hearing...it is retarded not mentally challenged,it is American not african-american,latin-american or whatever,it is not alternative life style it is homosexuality if I offended anyone go call the aclu4
    LastMessenger3 (43)
    If it's true, and I don't know if it is, than that's exactly how prejudice starts. You don't want to mess with anyone's religion, it's just not right.4
    numbah16tdhaha (129)
    They certainly are trying to battle its visability like anything else Christian that they have decided to bitch about, but can you really kill Christmas? Nope, and even if you could I don't think they really want that. They just want atheism to rule all public buildings as that is what they think separation of church and state is.6
    Drummond (51)
    Sorry, but so many people misunderstand the role of the ACLU, which is to protect the Bill of Rights even against what might seem to many to be "common sense." Separation of church and state means that none of us should be compelled to promote one religion through our tax dollars. Nobody has ever quoted any ACLU representative with any anti-Christian statements, and in fact the majority of ACLU supporters are Christian. 5
    CanadaSucks (35)
    . . .then it hasn't been doing a very good job. . .If a few trees are taken down, if office parties have to modify their titles, if schools and workplaces have to (gasp) be a little more inclusive to people who (gasp again) don't share their little-pagan-Roman-holiday, then your belief and strength behind your holiday wasn't important enough to begin with. This organization has some hits and misses to be sure- but they are the only organization that stands for your constitutional rights no matter who that offends. . .most of you don't have that kind of courage or conviction. . .and that especially includes our leaders.6
    portecrayon (10)
    There is no doubt the ACLU wants to Kill Chistmas and anything else to do with the Christian religion and at the same time the ACLU supports NAMBLA which is the North American Man Boy Love Association. It promotes sexual relations between minor males and adult men which is just plain SICK! The ACLU must be stopped!5
    Sparks42 (45)
    The ACLU hates anything having to do with Christ. They are a bunch of whining and complaining retards with nothing better to do than file lawsuits against things pertaining to Christ and Christianity. I am a Messianic Jew, and they are an embarrassment to me. I am ashamed of them, and they should be ashamed of themselves.4
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