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KB Toys 1

Good riddance to this horrible store with no ethics all.

I pre-ordered the Playstation 2 when it was released. I put the required $30 down payment to reserve one for me and pay the remainder of $269.99 for the balance ($299.99). After several months passed, I was all ready to pick up my console.

When I got to the store, the register said that I owed $299.99 + tax. I told them that I should only be paying $269.99 since I already paid $30 to put my unit on hold.

The person behind the counter called the manager and the manager told me that the store "payed" an extra $30 to have the consoles shipped to their stores. I was like WTF?

No other store ever made to claim such bs. They didn't care about losing me as a customer since there were atleast a hundred people who would be willing to buy this off of them. I wound up paying for it anyways.

After a couple of weeks, I got bored of the console and decided to return it. I told them I wanted to return it because of their filthy ethics. I know they didn't give a rat's behind about me.

I know employees are only following the orders from the filthy rats in management.

As for myself, I am glad that store run by a bunch of thieves is now closed. KB Toys, rot in hell.

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KB Toys 2

My experiences always tell me that KB is a mess around Christmas time. The stores are small and the merchandise is just tossed around, while the lines are ridiculous. If I head to a toy store, it probably won't be KB.

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KB Toys 3

there used to be two KB toy stores in our malls. we would always go in there if we were at the mall. both are gone now for a couple years. not even sure how many are left. it was an okay place to go. sometimes there were some deals on discontinued toys. but then you would have to hope the kid you were buying it for would be happy with that.they had some decent deals on their art type toys.i would not buy there too often. i think like i mentioned before some of the toys were the older ones or discontinued.

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KB Toys 1

. . . come to think of it, there ISN'T a KB Toy Store around here! Damn. It's the price I paid for moving to a small town: There's no Dunkin' Donuts, no Costco, no 7-11 (I want a Slurpee, dangit!), I almost had a heart attack when I thought that there's no Popeye's Chicken (there is one, it's just all the way on the other side of town. And yes, I drive all the way over if I want chicken!), and now I realize there's no KB Toy Stores . . .

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