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SharonParry (42)
When I was 16, I slapped a meatball sandwich on the business shirt of some big firm across the street from the sandwich shop I worked at for only two days. he smacked my butt. I remember my mom laughing so hard when she heard it, she almost fell on the floor. My dad was friends with the owner and he called to tell him that I shouldn't have been fired for that. This man wanted to hire me back imediately after my dad was hollering at him for a good ten minutes. I wouldn't go back.

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trebon1038 (62)
Hate to admit it but yes. after almost eight years of employment too.....

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numbah16tdhaha (147)
Nah, I always left jobs on my terms and I was usually being begged to stay. The career planner when I got out of the Marines was particularly shameless in his re-enlistment pitch.

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Jed1000 (72)
Yes, when I was in my first year of college. In the middle of a very busy morning my boss told me to go clean the break room. Since I hadn't had a break or even a lunch break (honestly), in the eight months I'd worked there I didn't see why I should be the one to do it. He gave me a choice of either cleaning the break room or leaving.. so I left. Hard to say if I was fired or I quit. Some of both, I suppose.

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frogio (47)
Please see "...too tired to care"

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abichara (60)
no, but i've had people who are close to me experience this. at first, you're stunned by it, then you dwell on the absurdity of it, then eventually you just accept it and move on. but one things for sure; it's difficult to get over the injustice of the situation, especially if was done cruelly, without considering the contributions that the person made to grow the institution. but many times that's just human nature, people will take their eye out to see the other fall, for different motives, sometimes out of envy, sometimes just to step over someone on the way to the top.

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LastMessenger3 (40)
For not picking up my feet when I walk. I thought it was a jock until I was shown the door.

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