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MomsandpopscallmeJoe (11)
Ya start off as a gangsta turned police detective Marcus Reed. The guy training you to become a better detective dies in a explosion at a factory. So you are now out on the mean streets of New York alone, trying to find clues and solve a bunch of crimes.

One thing I liked was the vast amount of rap songs in the soundtrack. I was bangin' my head while driving my car in the game. If ya dont like rap, ya can turn it off and they're other types of music in the game.

In the first game, if ya wanted to change a song, ya had to get out of your freakin' car!! They fixed that in this game, ya can change the song simply by pressing right> on the directional pad.

You now have the ability to frisk peeps on the street and get this...ya can even plant drugs on them and arrest them, now thats gangsta!!

The city is large so ya will want to explore the city because its so freakin' huge!! If you are near death, ya can buy food, health aid kits, beer, and hotdogs to replenish your health.

If ya dont feel like driving to a certain location ya can take a taxi. The driving A.I. is so bad you'll want to take a taxi. Thankfully there are plenty of taxis throughout the city.

This game is sooo cheap. This is the only game on this list that I didnt copy. It was only $5.99!!

The fighting mechanics in this game is much better than True Crimes: Streets Of LA. Ya can even fight with multiple fighting styles at the same time!!

Now for the bad stuff:

I never been to NY, but its nearly impossible to have fun driving in this game. I guess the stereotype of angry Newyorkers is true, cause' I was pissed whenever I had to drive to do a mission.

The A.I. controlled drivers are too dumb. They dont move when ya are in a hurry, so good luck if ya are doing a street race.

This game is too dark, even during the daytime. When you are driving you will struggle to find where you are cause' ya can barely see Marcus or your car.

As with True Crimes: Streets Of LA, this game also suffers with the horrible driving. Why didnt they fix the way cars handle?? Even the fastest cars are hard to control.

I was warned from other gamers that this game was very glitchy, they were right. Sometimes when ya are hidin' behind a wall/car bullets will still shoot you.

This game is very, VERY HARD. You will be gettin' killed often. This isnt bad to me cause' I like a challenge, but the difficulty in this game may turn peeps off this game.

Some of the audio during the cutscenes are hard to hear, even with my tv turned up really loud. It sounds like they're talkin with food in their mouths or something.

If ya do too many bad things in this game, extort store clerks, run over peeps, the cops will come after you and kill you. This is annoying cause' the game is too dark+combined with the horrible driving you will be running over a lot of people. And since ya running over peeps, the cops will find you and kill you.

Overall, I really like this game. But if you are easily frustrated, stay away from this game.
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