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Overall Rating: 3.50 based on 10 ratings
From the submitter: "Only five major ingredients: Chicken, chicken meal, ground brown rice, chicken fat, and sunflower oil. Made by Natura Pet Products, Inc." (Add picture)

This item was submitted by avezwia (1) on 9/28/2006 1:47:26 PM.

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tameeria (0)
My cats love the canned food and it sounds like a high quality food to me. Even the dry food appears to be better than most other dry foods. California Natural has not been involved in any of the pet food recalls earlier this year.
CEO828 (0)
The food might be good for my cats, but they wont touch it. What good is it if they wont eat it?
furmommy5 (0)
April 2006: I fed my 5 cats the dry Cal Natural cat food and it was liked by them all and did not cause vomiting, but it did not get rid of my allergic cat's licking and itching as I'd hoped. What bothered me most was the ph of this food is too high. 3 of my cats developed urinary crystals and bladder infections while on this food (with ph of 7 to 7.5 as a result) and when I stopped feeding it and switched to PetGuard canned and Solid Gold dry their ph got back to normal and the crystals went away. Two friends of mine who fed CN and Innova to their cats also had bladder infections result so they also stopped feeding foods from NaturaPet. Great ingredients but the ph is too high. Update April 2007: After a year feeding Solid Gold and giving Ammonil and glucosamine supplements I am switching back to Cal. Natural cat food after the recent pet food recalls. One of my cats has permanent kidney damage from eating Nutro, and the allergic cat ate some Royal Canin Hypoallergenic food that is now recalled, thank goodness she shows no symptoms at this stage. I trust Natura and they make their own dry food and don't use Chinese ingredients nor glutens of any kind. I will try it again and with the help of the urine acidifier Ammonil I'm hoping she won't have bladder issues.
rubygirl (0)
I'd feed this to all my cats if it weren't so darned expensive!
puppyloverkb (18)
California Natural's Chicken and Brown Rice formula is actually one of the few (if not the only) good cat food formulas without fish in it.I would definitely reccomened this food to someone who has a cat that is illergic to fish or someone whose cat just has a sensitive stomach. There are very few ingredients in this formula, so there are less that your cats stomach may react to if he is allergic to something. Also, price wise, california natural really isn't that expensive. I don't know where SourCream was buying his product, but California Natural is one of the least expensive, but still healthy foods on the market. I think the only one that beats it out is Chicken Soup. Keep in mind that this food will be pretty bland because of its lack of ingredients so only put your cats on this if they have sensitive stomachs or are allergic to fish. Otherwise try Innova Evo (another Natura Product), It has a lot more ingredients and more protien for cats as well.
wolfb8 (0)
I switched my kitten to this from Chicken Soup because the veggies in cat food give her terrible gas and poos. She loves it and no more stinking us out of the house! Also our 12 year old and 8 year old cats have started eating it and love it too. In fact the 12 year old is more full of energy that any other older cat I know.
SourCream (0)
In terms of the ingridients itself, this product is not horrible, but there is nothing special to it. Just because it doesn't contain any corn/corn gluten meal, it doesn't mean it can be overpriced. There are other better products at much better prices. This product is just way too overpriced for its mediocore ingridients. Also, all Natura products(INNOVA and California Natural) cause stinky poos compared to other products since these don't contain Yucca Shidigera
BlessedBeSiamese (5)
I have heard good things about the California Natural, but have yet to try a bit of it, becauase we feed Healthwise which is by Natura too. Natura in general has wonderful pet foods in the lines of Innova, Innova EVO (grain-free), California Natural, Healthwise Cat N Kitten. They have a good business going and as long as they keep the nutrition of our loved ones as top priority they will be sitting pretty.
avezwia (1)
I switched my 2 1/2 year old long hair domestic to California Natural after I noticed her fur was oily and she had dandruff. I did a lot of research and was very pleased with the company and the product's ingredient list. She's been on Natural for over two months and she's never looked or felt better. Her fur is now glossy and super soft--I can't keep my hands off her! She eats less but has a perfect body weight. I've noticed a lot less shedding and fewer mats. Thank you Natura Pets!
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