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Camera phones

Overall Rating:Average Rating (3.15) based on 13 ratings

the addition of cameras to your phone (Add picture)

This item was submitted by Vudija (91) on 9/25/2006 5:07:37 PM.

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ILikePie (21)

Phone fad no.94. I'm not even sure you can even call people on phones any more.

kamylienne (67)
Personally, not high on my list, but they have somewhat impacted the face of newsmaking.  A variety of events that was "newsworthy" (everything from the Michael Richards rant to the hanging of Saddam Hussein) had been captured by cameraphone, for better or worse.3
Vudija (91)
Anything that allows me to take photos at any time is okay by me.2
CanadaSucks (35)
A nuisance. . .2
HelloKitty06 (34)
Great for catching subway flashers.2
numbah16tdhaha (128)
I get to amuse myself by taking pictures of crappy satellite installs and showing them to my techs now. Sweet.6
hotel283 (19)
uh, abichara, cell phones and PDA's ARE different things...2
abichara (54)
I think that we should stop using the word "cell phone". Now its termed a PDA, a Personal Digital Assistant. True, you can still make calls on it, but now you can access the internet, listen to music videos, take a picture, listen to live feeds, and access, read and write e-mails all from a fairly small device that can fit in your pocket. You can still make calls, but you can do a lot more. It's very convenient. You no longer need to be attached to a PC to get on to the internet, you no longer need a separate camera just to take a picture and you no longer need a walkman to portably listen to music. All of these functions can be contained in one device. Granted, the screen on the phone is a little small, thus making it tough to read the fine print and the picture quality on the camera is still off. Yet its something else that one devise contains functions that ten years ago would have required six different outputs. 2
Donovan (92)
Something to make the phone break. I agree with CastleBee's comments on this. If I want to take a photo, I'll use a camera.3
CastleBee (83)
I thought I just had to have one but, I now only use it to make wallpaper for my phone. The trouble is, they are not very good quality cameras and so don't really produce anything worth keeping in the long run. They will no doubt improve a little in time but, right now they're in the bell and whistle category.6
tracy0021 (54)
You know how you will be somewhere and wish you had a camera, so you get a camera phone thinking ,"Great, now I will always have one" then you never use it? Just one of those things I guess. 3
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