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numbah16tdhaha (129)
You just gotta remember that its all a joke and you'll be fine. (kinda like RIA)

UPDATE: All my myspace friends are Star Wars geeks now...

ABOUT NEGATIVITY: Alot of people go on this site to run their mouth about what they don't like and myspace is strangely unpopular with the regulars. I like my Star Wars groups as I am a geek...
bellajude (5)
I thought this was supposed to be "Things we love about the 00's so far" not things we dont like...the majority of the comments here were negative...i found that funny. i love myspace. it took me awhile to get one while all my friends did, and i finally conformed and got one. at first it was addicting, like all you wanted to do was sit in front of the computer and look for awesome myspace layouts and what not. but I've calmed down from that state and now its just a nice way to keep in touch with friends. its just not a good idea to post too much private info on there, thats all. other than that, its pretty awesome.4
kamylienne (70)
Not a big fan, but I know tons of people are addicted to this site.  For my friends who really want to find me, they can without having me advertise it.  

And, for everyone else, I don't care for a bunch of people who I don't even know (and don't know me) to act like they're "friends" with me in hopes that I'll add my name to the list of their "friends" in some half-assed popularity contest.  If you're going to go through all the trouble to get my e-mail address, then not contact me because it's not "convenient" to keep in touch outside of a myspace page, then you're not worth the time.
humorbot5 (12)
If I ever have enough money, I will buy Myspace and then close it down. Thus ridding the world of another piece of crap...

Speaking of which would you like the address to my MySpace?
caphillsea77 (26)
My Space is OK. Its been a good way to network and stay in touch with my friends back inn Seattle and other parts of the country. I wouldn't use it to date or meet people offline.2
Jmichael (9)
Myspace is dumb and extremely overrated it is nowhere fun as people portray it to be. There is plenty of other sites that are simlar such as xanga tagged facepary and many more so i dont see why people are so obsessed. Come on now i already find this site more intresting then myspace.5
abichara (54)
MySpace for some has become an absolute obsession. It starts getting creepy when users start posting private stuff on their profiles; everything from day-to-day routines to love letters end up on here. MySpace in a way encourages an element of voyeurism; that's unhealthy to say the least. But I will admit, I do have a MySpace account. It's a great way to stay in touch with old friends who have left town or whom you've lost touch with. But I think some people really take it too far. People's profiles many times seem to become literally an extention of their own individuality, posted out there for the world to see. My own profile is really bare bones, with no private info posted. It's just a way to stay in touch with friends. 5
minkeydude (28)
In a lot of situations, people have posted exactly where they're at and what they're doing for all to see. Anyone in the world can track you down - friends, enemies, whoever. It's a little intimidating. I think it can be a good thing for catching up with people and networking if you keep minimal info up there and don't let it eat too much free time. Friends still have cell phones and e-mail too.4
CanadaSucks (35)
Sucks out loud. . .when did posting your private info make you more interesting/attractive/funny? 4
Vudija (92)
Keeps me in touch with a lot of my friends and allows me to keep a journal. Definitely keeps me occupied, right along with RIA.4
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