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Overall Rating: 3.00 based on 2 ratings
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F#*k greedy preachers
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oscargamblesfro (74)
Imapimp evidently has a lot in common with The Green Goblin, and oughta form a gangsta rap trio with him and Gollum..
MomsandpopscallmeJoe (10)
Yo I dont care who you are or what you do but everybody in life faces inner problems we must face. What do we do?? We all have something that I heard in a Chinese Proverb...Ying and Yang. In other words which path will ya take...Good or Evil?? Lightness or Darkness??

You know sometimes life is frustatin'
I dont know what to do, but i aint matin'

Im young, my sis sometimes calls me dumb
Im not big on fruit, but i like to eat plums

Its hard to make it in this life, so what should i do??
Should I steal or be legit, can ya see the problems im goin' through??

These...problems they are not serene
I've been tryin' to solve them since I was sixteen

Sometimes I wish i can turn back time
go back to when i was younger...back then my only problems was tryin' to rhyme

I did good in elementary
But the school workload is so much harder now what do i do...its kinda scary??

Sometimes a playa wonders??
How can we say we really care when most of the world still faces hunger??

Sometimes this world makes no sense
I told this to some of my friends but they're all too dense

I never had to rob
but most peeps wouldnt rob if they actually got a job

We all face inner demons...ya know ying and yang
Should homegurl steal or should she go on American Idol and sang??

These are my inner demons...inner demons...inner demons...
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