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Well, another year has passed and still more of the same from Volusion. CONSTANT downtime and bugs which are major enough to significantly hurt sales. It started when volusion tried to implement a major upgrade 2 days before Black Friday. They failed and many Volusion stores were completely down on Black Friday weekend. The trouble continued through the holiday season with an uptime rate of only about 95% (less than 99.9% is considered substandard). Fast forward to New Years eve when volusion stores again went down for 2 days. Now, its Jan 15th and yet another bout of downtime, this one for 8 hours and affecting the ENTIRE volusion customer base.

They have grown by 800% in the past 5 years and it is clear they care only about gaining the next customer, not taking care of the ones they already have

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Volusion 1

Volusion is terrible. They are all pre-sales, with no support or customer care.

They will raise your rates without notifying you, and will refuse to compensate you when they have obviously breached the Terms of Service agreement.

Volusion is okay if you have a small scale store and don't plan on growing, but as you grow you will feel their ineptitude grow and it will give you countless headaches, not to mention steal your profits.

I wouldn't recommend anyone use Volusion UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.

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Volusion 1

Horrible Customer Service. They are a baton switch service. Wonderful at pre-sale and terrible service after post sale. Your left with days of lost business and money down the drain.

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Volusion 1

I used Volusion for over a year, had multiple sites there. We stopped using them once the sites started to respond very slow. We hooked up monitoring and would get notified every time the site went down. When we reported this info to Volusion we got a canned response of " We will check it out" then "Everything seems to be fine on this end". We began to ask our customers and many said that at times they had issued with the site. This was across multiple sites not just one.

This is a very typical problem when choosing a hosted Ecommerce, they cram as many stores on a server as they can. If you choose a Budget plan watch out that will be even slower.

In my option their customer service is horrible, slow servers, and my Credit card Company said they are not PCI compliant as they claim.

There are much better Ecommerce solutions out there. I won't list they as it will look like an advertisement.

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Volusion 2

Terminally frustrating. I have been test driving this site for the past two weeks. They said it would be easy to import my Yahoo store data to work with and it was. But to take that data and organize it into a sensible website is agonizing. Neither the tutorials, the 250 page plus manual nor the knowledge base will tell you how to apply multiple prices to multiple sizes. I checked them all. The live chat folks are very friendly but just tell you to refer to the above references. The call in tech support folks are friendly and know more but whenever I would work with them, my screen would freeze up and could could not see what they were doing with my site. After our session I would go back and look and see that they would fix part of the problem. After multiple calls I am finally at the point that I should be able to configure the price size options but now the whole site says 'sorry, technical problems, try later or call customer support with error code 00000' I called and was on hold for more than 30 minutes before giving up.

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Volusion 5

Volusion is an all-in-one ecommerce solution. Highly recommended by many ecommerce experts for small and medium size ecommerce businesses. Please read my detailed review about Volusion Shopping Cart: Volusion Shopping Cart Review

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