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Overall Rating:2.80 based on 25 ratings
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ItemImageChan Gailey is a graduate of Florida and began his coaching career at Troy State. Chan Gailey then moved on to coach in the NFL for over a decade before returning to college football as head coach for Georgia Tech in 2002. Under Chan Gailey, Georgia Tech finished 7-5 last season.

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Charlie Weatherbie (Louisiana-Monroe)
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gammavette (0)
special teams: started the season horrible, special teams coach could not even find his guys..then took forever to set up were the starting blocker should be in relation to the receiver on punt returns..poor people usage on kick offs (F averged with C end of year).
defense: A only coach they should keep
offense: C minus Bennet should have played from ND game on working more and more with first string offense ever week...I repeat first string offense...If Chan believes in team why didnt he use people that could best help team wins..I only got to see ever play Bennett had which wasnt enough..The coach needed no further evidence than the last 3 years to know Reggie needed to be play flanker or sit on the bench if his ego would not allow this. What possibly hurts the most as I see the horrible attitude of so many other div 1A schools is that GT left the field behind Reggie after the Ga game without shaking hands. GT tech football is better than that and Gailey should have made a big deal of it benching Reggie even though his poor coaching did not have Bennit ready to play. Bennit could not have been worse without snaps. I will not attend or watch a bowl game if Reggie plays. You have a few weeks to get Bennit ready. Please someone lets talk about sending Chan on his way..You need to make big decisions at this level. Tech fan, alumni

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blackprix (0)
Took a Top 25 established program right out of the rankings. He took a high powered, prolific offense down to the 100's in D1A. He took Top 25 recruiting classes at GT never to be seen again. He entered the GT program with a cupboard full of talent and on his own ... turned it into a mediocore football program. His recruiting classes are ranked in the bottom of the ACC just above Duke! Terrible coach and this terrible coach has made his terrible mark at GT!

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BOSOX1 (0)
WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????? Chan Gailey?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Is this a joke or something. He hasnt won 8 games at GT and he is in the top 35? What kind of crackhead would rate him a 5 or 4 or 3 *s. Until he gets a quality win(preferibly wins) thenI will consider him a decent coach. Come on Tommy Bowden is better than this.

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HuskerBeliever (0)
I'm sorry, but 3rd in D1 is undeserved. And as a result, Chan gets my lucky #1 rating.

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HSVhelo (0)
Chan is coach who goes underrated even by many Ga Tech fans. His first three years at GT have been marred by events that occurred just as he was coming on board, such as Flunk Gate when the team lacking depth lost even more to academics. Also lost a very promising running back his second year to a knee injury. Despite these and other GaTech land mines he has managed a few big wins and a bowl game each season. This upcoming year, his forth, promises to show improvement despite yet another academic SNAFU which has resulted in a self-imposed loss of scholarships. Chan should be commended for accomplishing so much despite the unexpected adversity. If the Tech faithful will give him time he may prove to be an excellent coach.

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pdmorgs (0)
It is so easy to blame the preacher or the coach. This man is an excellent leader and coach. Can't you just hear the other ACC recruiters, You don't want to go to Tech, the accademics are just to hard. We aren't that way, come to Georgia, Miami, Florida State, and just play football. You don't need to learn anything, just play football. The truth is Tech is a great academic school whom just happens to be good in football, basketball, baseball, golf, and tennis. Gentlemen, this does not just happen. Chan Gailey is a part of this great challenge and deserves our support.

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Frank Sandbeans (0)
Chan has overcome incredible adversity - such as losing 11 good players on a team (that already was not very deep and didn't have a quarterback) in his second season - to take his team to bowl games in each of his three years. Now, in his fourth season out of a five year rebuild, he has the team poised to be very good - even against a daunting schedule. I don't think anyone, anywhere could do any better under the circumstances.

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operator 409 (7)
Anyone who believes that any coach could walk in and do much better than Gailey has done at Tech isn't paying attention. Acting spoiled fits a Tech fan the way moral indignation fits a Clinton, (it doesn't). Gailey is a solid individual, and is the most dedicated HC that the Jackets have had in many years, and that includes an alumnus. Being inconsistent is a drag, but it beats being consistently bad, or consistently living with a secret resume-enhancing lie.

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Wavebacker (27)
Tech is a strangely erractic Football team led by Gailey. They can be competitive with equal or better teams and then lose to equal or worse teams. This is a program that should be one of the ACC's best and yet they're hovering somewhere around first/second tier status. I agree that in the right hands, Tech could be awesome.

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shellshocked (0)
The problem with Ga Tech is on the offensive side of the field and who runs the offense? Chan Gailey! Ga Tech needs an offensive coordinator with some imagination who doesn't play not to lose. Stop the agony! Fire Chan Gailey!

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Umar Deneb (0)
Needs to improve to be great.

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Kirk Hatch (0)
Can't win when FSU & Miami in the Conference.

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bobkram (0)
Highs are great; Lows are horrible; no consistency.

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