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Overall Rating:3.51 based on 53 ratings
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ItemImageYoo-Hoo is a chocolate drink that is 99% caffeine free.

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Mburel116 (0)

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demonkilleresmi (0)
I love yoohoo. It was like the best beverage in the world. Then energy drinks came out. But, I still enjoy a YooHoo like two times a month.

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CanadaSucks (51)
Remember enjoying it as a kid but the taste really bothers me now. I can sense the presence of chemicals that might damage the paint on my car.

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Yogurt (16)
Who wants a watered down chocolate milk?

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pamjam (0)
Kids love it but it has poision in it. Partially dehydrogenated oil is not good for our bodies. It is called trans fat. Our lovely governmnet says that if a food product doesn't go over a certain percentage, the item can be listed as no trans fats. It is in a lot of kids food. Swiss Miss chocolate and Skippy peanut butter has it too. Just think how much trans fats are in a lunch with a peanut butter sandwich and a Yoohoo. Why anybody has it in food that children eat, is not looking out for the best interst of our children. Look up partially dehydrogenated oils. Find out for yourself what it is.

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25yoWM (9)

A great drink plus various unknown chemicals...(sodium caseinate, tricalcium phosphate, dipotassium phosphate, , vanillin, etc.)

Anybody know where I can get chocolate milk that will still be good when Halley's Comet returns?

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cray (0)
Yoo-Hoo is an outstanding beverage, although I've never really considered it a "soft drink." If you are looking for a chocolate drink fix, look no further. Don't reach for Hershey or Nesquik, especially the later. Both are inferior to Yoo-hoo. Hershey candies, on the other hand, are worth a look. :)

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frogger20190 (3)
I drink this maybe once a year now....but had it a lot as a kid. What kid would not like "chocolate water?" (There are no dairy products in this soft drink). There were coconut, banana and (I think) strawberry versions a few years ago, but I haven't seen them in a while. Pepsi had a knock-off in the '70s: Devil Shake Coca-Cola's knock-off: Choc-Cola

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beachgirl (25)
I have to confess that I haven't tried Yoo Hoo. With a name like that, it scared me. :)

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Scully 1013 (0)
Did anyone ever have the coconut yoo hoo? It was sooo good!! I haven't seen it in years though, does anyone know what I'm talking about?

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Rushboy (0)
This is a very tasty chocolate drink and one of my favorites .

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texasyankee (22)
I like it but it isn't a good thirst quencher and also I could drink like 3-4 of them right in a row and not even feel it.

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Randyman (115)
Call me odd, but I liked it. Still, it was a little watery.

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Nastyness dont ever try it in a can uggghh

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cutegurl (17)
Yoo-Hoo tastes like water with Nestle Chocolate milk powder in it. It's gross and icky.

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puppypaws08 (0)
i had them when i was a little child girlie

  (1 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
CastleBee (92)
I know it's been around awhile but I'm not sure I tried it or a similar one called Chocola. Somehow the idea of pouring chocolate into an unidentified liquid substance never really appealed to me. Then again, I was never much of a fan of chocolate milk either. The name makes me chuckle though - reminds me of a Far Side cartoon - galley slaves all rowing away and this one skinny guy is holding up his hand saying, Yoo hoo, yoo hoo - I'm getting a blister.

  (2 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
magellan (178)
It's kind of like.... chocolate juice. From the elusive chocolate fruit. The concept of Yoo-Hoo is nearly as gross, daring, and twisted as Funyons.

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KingsRansom (0)
Something must be wrong with me.. I like it!!

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Alexg681 (1)
I haven't had it in years, and I don't remember it being very good.

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Cartman117 (0)

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Asbestos (0)
I never had Yoo-Hoo until I was about 20. The first time I tried it I though it was somewhat nasty. It tasted like a Chocolate flavored non dairy creamer. But then a funny thing happened, I started to crave it. It is in the same category as White Castles, it may be a bit gross, but it has a certain taste that nothing else has. Nothing else tastes like Yoo-Hoo. (True Vess in St. Louis did, and still may, make a similar product that was excellent.) The thing is it does NOT taste like chocolate milk It has its own sweet chocolate taste. If you want C. milk buy it. Yoo-Hoo is surprisingly complex, with a variety of flavors, including a slight note of honey. It has its own sort of creaminess, that is rich, but highly drinkable. It is far more refreshing then chocolate milk, and I say that as a bona fide chocolate milk fanatic. Recently new flavors have come out as part of a campaign to make Yoo-Hoo hip. With the Sole exception of the fudge flavor, they are all lame Actually, they are an abomination,and an affront to all that is good and holy, like putting catsup on a NY strip steak. The fudge flavor is ok, So try a Yoo-Hoo, put away your snob factor, dont try and have it taste like something else. Just drink and enjoy it for its sweet chocolate goodness. Join the people who have been fans of its unique taste for decades. You friends may think you are weird,but you will know whats good.

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BeatlesfanSteveo (4)
I can not stand this poor exscuse for a drink. It tastes like chocolate milk on drugs.

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dave_in_delaware (0)
Yuck. Yoo-Hoo is like a synthetic chocolate experiment that went very wrong and killed it's creators. Try to avoid it at all costs. If you want a real chocolate taste, buy REAL chocolate milk. At least that doesn't taste like a vat of chemicals. Why would a company TRY to make a beverage taste like Yoo-Hoo on purpose?? It boggles the mind.

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