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Innova EVO Cat 15.4# (USBones.com)$40.19
Innova EVO Cat 2.2# (USBones.com)$6.78
Innova EVO Cat 6.6# (USBones.com)$18.53
Innova EVO Cat - 13.2 oz. - 12/case (USBones.com)$17.51
Innova EVO Cat - 5.5 oz. - 24/case (USBones.com)$26.35
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Overall Rating: 4.00 based on 25 ratings
ItemImageFrom the submitter: "This cat food has no grains and is meant to closely mimic a raw diet. Contrains 10% moisture, 50% protein, 22% fat, and only 7% carbohydrates. Utilizes natural ingredients only - 612 KCals/Cup."

This item was submitted by Kuuyku (0) on 7/29/2006 3:35:46 PM.

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Miffbat (0)
We have 14 cats, some of which have suffered from Inflammatory Bowel Disease. I have to say that, since a partial transition to Evo, for the first time ever, we have no soft excrement with which to contend. One animal that had particularly nasty yeast growth in her ears no longer has that allergic reaction, which has kept us from dumping medicines into her ears and digging around with Q-tips.

One potential downside I have read about is that this food may be harmful to cats with kidney problems.

I would suggest that any persons who may have had transition problems with this food should start with a weak 1:3 mix, a very slow transition with Evo providing the lesser amount.  [Of course, your situation may be different health wise.] This is what any good veterinarian would suggest. We are currently at 50% Evo and 50% Royal Canin SO, a veterinary product that tries to limit the propensity for Urinary Tract Infection. We haven’t decided yet if we are going 100% Evo or not, but so far, the results look promising.

kpusa78 (2)

My cat loved this.  Really high protein, which is what a cat needs.  Cats are not like dogs in that cats need high protein, low carbs all the time.  Dogs only need high protein/low carbs when they are very active or in trials.  Dogs do need good carbs though, don't get me wrong and stay away from grocery store foods.  This food was perfect in size, smell, and she filled up very quickly.  More dollar really did go further on this.  I will always include this in her diet. 


Update.....I ventured off to try another brand (starts with an O) to see how well my girl would do...horrible.  She had an allergy, so I brought her back to this.  The results were not very good.  I gave it plenty of time (month's too long really) and this food could not bring her back to the state she was in prior to the switch.  Her hair has not grown back entirely and she seems very lethargic.   I also started to do a bit of research and came to find out that foods with high protein sources that have high ash content are usually not using very good quality of protein sources...that is what is leading to the high ash content.  With that said, I have moved her off this food.  She is doing much better now on TO.  With the protein sources being questionable to me, I've had to move the ranking down.  I would like to give 3 1/2 stars, but not available.  3 is too low, so I give it a 4.  It is still so much better than allot of foods.

ThisNight (0)

This is the best cat food out there!! I went online looking for a healthy, nutritional, high quality cat food and discovered Innova EVO. Before EVO, I was feeding my 2 cats Kirkland dry cat food from Costco for 5 months and they had itchy skin all the time. They both were going bald around the ears. My female cat had respiratory problems, made an overproduction of ear wax and kept excessively grooming herself to relieve the itch. I took the cats to the vet, found out it was allergies to the food.

I stopped giving them the Kirkland dry food and after a switching to EVO canned and dry a week later they weren't itching as much, and the hair around their ears started to grow back. Now they look so much better, they are much healthier and their hair has completely grown back!! They are so full of energy now!!!

 They LOVE this food and so do I.  There are no fillers, there are no grains and no by-products, which is so bad for cats. This food is high in protein and it's just the best!

The only problem I have with EVO is that they don't have canned rabbit formula but other than that, Innova EVO is great!!!

blackviolet (0)
This seems to be one of the best kibbles out there for cats. I free feed my cat with this, and give all different types of canned food once or twice a day.
Is this high in ash? Is there another cat food like this (high protein, no grain, low carb) that isn't? Any recommendations?
BengalsRock (0)
Innova Evo Cat & Kitten food came highly recommended as the food to give our Bengal kittens. They eat both the dry and canned food (plus beef, cooked chicken/turkey, buffalo, etc). They are doing great. We know it is good for them and don't have to worry about them getting unnecessary fillers like other brands.
BattyChick (0)
Tried this when prescription m/d was recalled. Immediately my cat had stinky, soft poops. Had a xray done and her intestines were inflammed. Changed her back to m/d after it was reformulated and her poops smell and look normal again.
afchickie4185 (0)
My cat showed up at my doorstep about a year ago. He was skin and bones, but the sweetest cat ever! So, I kept him and decided to put him on the regular Innova for cats, since that's the brand I fed my dog. He did well on the regular Innova, but he shed all over the place!!! So, I switched him to the Evo, and viola! He stopped shedding, has a shiny, silky coat, and the energy level of a kitten. He's only had one hairball in the seven months he's been on it. It's a great food, and I would recommend it, if only for the lack shedding.
tameeria (0)
One of my cats took a little while warming up to Evo canned, but has now decided that it is one of the best foods in his rotation. The other cat loved Evo from the start, digging right into it and licking the bowl clean. I like that it is grain-free and it has not been involved in any of the pet food recalls earlier this year. I don't like that the cans contain rendered meat (chicken meal). Both of my cats will eat the Evo dry food and one of them prefers it over any other dry food offered if given a choice. My cats actually raided the kitchen cabinet and pulled the bag out and chewed through it to get at the Evo kibbles. It appears to me to be the best grain-free dry food currently on the market.
Avway (0)
It's a good food if you must feed dry, however, EVO is extremely dehydrating, so you may want to invest in a pet water fountain to encourage your cat to drink more. I would still recommend the canned food over the dry, but that goes with most foods.
forshitsandgiggles (0)
was feeding my cat science diet and switched him over to innova evo brand and he looks so much healthier and seems to have more energy. been great so far!
CEO828 (0)
The food might be good for my cats, but they wont touch it. What good is it if they wont eat it?
Biffsup3 (0)
My cat would not eat it after the first time. So I had to return 22 cans to the store.
ronincse (0)
I'll have to add my voice to the rest and say that this is by far the best pet food available today, period. Just compare the ingredients to any of the others and it's very easy to see how it's superior. Also I have been switching my cats to this from blue buffalo and they actually avoid the other stuff to eat this food. Very very highly recommended.
wisegirlz (0)
I am feeding EVO canned along with Nature's Variety canned and my cats both really enjoy it! It had great ingredients and even smells pretty good :)
sweetbizzybee (0)
My cats love this food! Since switching to this food, my cats' coats have all become gorgeous! They also eat much less of this food than their previous brands. It actually saves us money!
puppytoes (0)
They are the original grain free diet with the best science to back it up. The others that are now making grain free diets are doing so as copy cats (no pun intended). Not to mention Natura makes their own food unlike the others.
harvastmoon (0)
My Pixie Bob has been eating INNOVA Evo for 4+ years now and has never been ill or had anything but a routine vet's checkup. I guess most vets aren't crazy about this but I am sticking with a food that I think is best for my Kitty.
misselizabeth (0)
Since moving my cats to Innova Evo (dry and sometimes wet), they have had so much more energy and their litter box doesn't smell as bad. I'm extremely pleased to get them off of the junk food they ate before.

candyangels5 (0)
None of my 5 cats would eat this food. However, the ingredients look excellent.
puppyloverkb (20)
Amazing food for cats. Extremely high in protien, which cats need, and very low in grains. A++++ food. Definitley will recommend to anyone who wants to feed their cat a healthy diet. Amazing!
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