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Class warfare
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GenghisTheHun (173)
This was big in the 1980's and now it has made a comeback and is used especially against the Neo-conservatives. Few, if any, of them, served in harm's way, and their progeny doesn't hear the sound of gunfire, either, unless it is in the projects in the District of Columbia.

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EschewObfuscation (65)
A term spat out exclusively by anti-war, Bush-hating left-wing denizens. It usually eliminates any chance of civil or intelligent discourse. One of the most over-used terms on RIA since mid-2004.

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blue47 (12)
those who talk and support war, as long as someone else has to go do the fighting

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frogio (47)
"Pay attention, boy! I'm cuttin' but you're not bleedin'!"

-Foghorn Leghorn

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StanUzbeck (15)
Good term for bellicose politicians who love to send the peasantry off to fight wars yet are themselves scared witless of violence. I mean, Dick Cheney's excuse for having not gone to Vietnam was that he "had other priorities." Well, no kidding. The 58,000 Americans killed in that idiotic war probably had more important things to do as well.

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CanadaSucks (48)
This was as dead as Dan Quayle's MENSA application until the present administration - rife with a draft-dogding drug-snorting business crashing 'tard like dubya and his assorted war-profiteering buddies - have actually brought this one back from the dead. . .talk about resurrecting a slur. . .hey kids, you had a chance to actually vote for the guy that actually pulled the trigger in anger- send your kid to support Haliburton now before the war that we-were-told-was over ('mission accomplished') actually does end!

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Djahuti (56)
I think this is a pretty apt description of the guys who got deferments or safe little nooks to hide in when THEY were eligable for Combat but are champing at the bit to send other people off to harms way.I'm no fan of Kerry,but he DID serve-and he CHOSE to be in the heat of the battle-those "swift boat" guys were lying turds.If he chose later to throw away his medals,at least he EARNED them!

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