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Rudy Guiliani (R)

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blue47 (11)
Hey Rudy, nice dress3
Olivegarden (8)

I do not like people who kill freedom; what an ass. 


Here is a selection, from above article:

Although respiratory-mask use was mandatory, the city allowed a macho culture to develop on the site: Even the mayor himself showed up without a mask. By October, it was estimated, masks were being worn on site as little as twenty-nine percent of the time. Rudy proclaimed that there were "no significant problems" with the air at the World Trade Center. But there was something wrong with the air: It was one of the most dangerous toxic-waste sites in human history, full of everything from benzene to asbestos and PCBs to dioxin (the active ingredient in Agent Orange). Since the cleanup ended, police and firefighters have reported a host of serious illnesses -- respiratory ailments like sarcoidosis; leukemia and lymphoma and other cancers; and immune-system problems.

"The likelihood is that more people will eventually die from the cleanup than from the original accident," says David Worby, an attorney representing thousands of cleanup workers in a class-action lawsuit against the city. "Giuliani wears 9/11 like a badge of honor, but he screwed up so badly."

Victor83 (36)
In response to Olivegarden's post, I am not sure what "kill freedom" means. That aside, I have no respect for Giuliani whatosever. His whole campaign is centered around "look at me...I am the hero of 9/11", which he is not. At absolute best Giuliani did his job as Mayor on 9/11, and that is very much in question. At worst, he is a grandstanding profiteer, using tragedy to cash in political chips in a Presidential election year. The man is a fake and a fraud- a die hard liberal in Republican clothing, who is now trying to position himself right in anticipation of southern primaries. I hope no one is dumb enough to fall for his act.2
CanadaSucks (38)
Certainly not the worst the GOP has to offer- but Rudy has more skeletons than a graveyard and the 9-11 media/lovefest can't hide the divorce, the estranged relationship with his kid, and the fact that not every New Yawker is madly in love with his tactics. . .Rudy's free ride will end soon. ..5
AutzenMaven (75)
This would be a much better job for Rudy:

Djahuti (57)
There are more skeletons in his closet than even Clinton has.5
IgnatiusJReilly (80)
Nope. Not now, not ever. He seems kind of stuck up to IJR. 4
abichara (56)
The Republican Party may have emerged as a loser after the 2006 elections, but there were some winners nevertheless. Rudy Giuliani is one of those. Most of the candidates running in 2008 are going to be Senators who are closely associated with the events of the past few years. Giuliani has little association with those events. In fact, his crisis management during 9/11 re-energized his political career by propelling him to national prominence. His handling of 9/11 has probably made him one of the most popular political figures in the country.

Reports indicate that Giuliani is considering running for President, and will likely be a top contender for the job. Some cite his positions on gay rights and abortion as potential hindrances in a run, but I don't think those issues will counts as much against him as it has for other candidates in the past. Over his political career, Giuliani has sought to establish good relations with the religious right while still disagreeing with them on some key points. Besides that, I don't think that they are as strong as they were about 6 years ago, when they crashed John McCain's campaign. The issues are changing, and so is the nature of the Republican right's advocacy of certain issues.

A good example of this was the Republican gubernatorial campaign in Florida this year. Charlie Crist, a moderate Republican with some pro-choice and gay rights leanings, managed to win the Republican primary by a two-to-one margin this year against a more conservative opponent who ran to the right of Crist in order to get the nomination. This candidate was previously a committed moderate who had run twice for governor before. It didn't work, as it was seen as a cynical attempt to get votes. Giuliani will likely take the same tack and win the nomination against other candidates like John McCain, who's now moving to the right in order to run for President. But that won't work, as he effectively burned those bridges to the right in 2000. Giuliani hasn't, and despite some liberal leanings, will court them and win the nomination. Really outside of McCain, I don't see any of the other Republican contenders gaining momentum. The race is Giuliani's if he chooses to run.

What will be the issues during a Giuliani campaign and how will he govern as President? We will see Giuliani use his management of New York City during and after 9/11 as evidence that he can lead the country during times of trouble. Indeed, his crisis management credentials are excellent, but expect to see Democrats target in on some of the controversial parts of his tenure as mayor of New York: whether it was excessively cutting welfare roles or tough police-state style tactics which led to the unjustified 1997 beating and sodomizing of Abner Louisa, a Haitian immigrant, at the hands of the NYPD.

Some of his opponents will also hark on his uncompromising political style. He always wants to win every battle, even if and when compromise is the best tactic. He's a fighter, and that will become evident once the people start getting to know him. Given his record as NYC mayor, he will be a strong president who will use executive prerogative whenever he can. No matter what, should Giuliani run, he will be a formidable opponent to deal with. His reputation first in turning around New York City and later as a crisis manager during 9/11 are strong calling cards to base a campaign from, probably stronger than any other candidate, Republican or Democrat currently on the field.
SpideyRocks (1)
No backbone on this guy either. He let the Republicans hijack 9/11 and use it for political gain. And besides 9/11 what did he do except drive the porn theaters out of time square so big corporations could stick disney stores and tgifridays in there? he's another guy who loves big business at the expense of little people.4
Drummond (54)
Not the worst candidate, but it's a moot point. No prochoice candidate has a chance of winning the GOP nomination.2
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