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Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times columnist and bestselling author specializing in world events.
Added on 07/03/2006
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Thomas L. Friedman 2

He's more of a neo-liberal, but really the differences between a hard-core neoconservative and a neo-liberal oftentimes simply comes to methods and execution.

This is a guy who recently argued that the Soviet Union never represented a threat to the US. Apparently he's forgotten that whole episode with Nikita Khrushchev banging his shoe on a table, threatening that "we will bury you," or a major confrontation like the Cuban Missile Crisis, or Berlin, or any other number of skirmishes during the Cold War. What's even more odd is that he considers Iran, a nation with only $7 billion in military expenditures against our $700 billion, no nuclear weapons, or delivery capabilities, a graver physical security threat to the US than the Soviets were.

Tell me again why he still has a regular spot on the op-ed page of the NY Times. Surely there are more meritorious writers out there than this guy.

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Thomas L. Friedman 3

Columnists like Friedman are more gadflies, albeit serious ones, than "hard core" doctrinaires. They see something that appears out of whack and bring it the attention of their readers who then may, or may not, begin a discussion which leads to a grassroots movement, one that in turn helps in correcting the problem. I'm not focused on someone who, like a budding Karl Marx, espouses his socialistic or communistic or jingoistic theories and is ready to die for them, which seems to be your criteria for taking anyone seriously. Anyway most of those types end up expiring alone and forgotten in some dingy garret. What I really want to know are the immediate sins and transgressions and backroom deals of those from both sides of the Congressional aisle and from other places around the globe that have the immediate potential for effecting our lives here in the United States. Friedman's columns help in doing exactly that.

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Thomas L. Friedman 1

It is difficult to properly evaluate America's most influential and wealthiest pundit (Tom Friedman became a billionaire the hard way-by marrying a New York heiress). Reading Friedman's columns (Favorites: We need to be more brutal in Iraq, What we really need is more Globalisation, $10 oil will solve all the Mid-East's problems; Tony Blair for president!...) is the intellectual equivalent of a root canal; it leaves one too traumatized and disoriented to think straight. Bill Bonner is made of stronger stuff than I: "[Friedman] refreshes our faith in our fellow men; they are not evil, just mindless. We have never met the man, but we imagine Friedman as a high school teacher, warping young minds with drippy thoughts. But to say his ideas are sophomoric or juvenile merely libels young people, most of whom have far more cleverly nuanced opinions than the columnist. You might criticize the man by saying his work is without merit, but too that would be flattery. His work has negative merit. Every column subtracts from the sum of human knowledge in the way a broken pipe drains the town's water tower...."-Bill Bonner

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Thomas L. Friedman 5

Wish I could require the Bush administration to read Tom Friedman every week instead of limiting themselves to The Weekly Standard!

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