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Overall Rating: 2.75 based on 4 ratings

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Donovan (133)
I am not an avid viewer of Paul Crouch on TBN so I can not speak of when he may be angry but whenever I have seen him he has been pretty mellow. I do not care for the fund raising tactics that discourage so many but angry Paul is not.

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CastleBee (83)
I don't know who Iggy is talking about...the Paul Crouch I've encountered on TBN is one of the angriest creeps on the tube. Sure, he tries to project this folksy down home persona. But just let someone challenge his wacky organization or publically disagree with his version (or versions) of Christianity - and watch him morph into a raving maniac who is not at all shy about damning someone to Hell fire. What it boils down to and what is glaringly apparent to most people is that TBN is a mega biz concerned first and foremost with ratings - just like all other networks. Never forget - the magic of television has brought this family of big-haired hillbilly hicks a huge fortune that might otherwise have required intelligence, talent and a modicum of fashion sense. Unfortunately, some people equate money with authority and knowledge. So, in an ongoing effort to keep the suckers watching and emptying their wallets on a regular basis, they have to keep them entertained. So, Brother Crouch's TV Salvation Show pretty much embraces just about any instantly gratifying pop doctrine du jour that sparkles enough to get the attention of his slack jawed viewers. Long time TBN regular Benny Hinn alone has come up with some of the most bizzare interpretations of the Bible known to man. But, he's definately not the only one. If it wasn't pathetic it would be a laugh riot.

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