Hugo Chavez

He is a Venezuelans president,presiding over anxious populations.
Added on 06/13/2006
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So the argument to muzzle him would be that he says uncomfortable things about the U.S.? 

Well frankly, while I'm not one of his fans, some of what he says needs to be said, despite his evident hypocrisy on some issues.

The reluctance of some Americans to listen to criticism is one of the less appealing things about the country.

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Hugo Chavez 1

For a guy who conveniently muffles any opposition to him in his own country on a regular basis, Hugo Chavez seems to take many liberties in speaking his mind in a country which he dislikes and seethingly bemoans (of its system). More than anything, this hypocrite takes only the good- and then conveniently ignores the bad (especially when it contradicts him). Actually, I would rather have this thug bastard talk because everytime he opens his mouth, he looks more and more like a hypocritical snot and a two-faced liar. Note to Chavez: Keep talking,'re doing the sane world a favor by exposing how much of farce and fake you are! And for you to come here and speak of the 'devil'? Why don't you take care of your own people first before you make insulting comments about another country which you have little knowledge of beyond a Venezuelan first grader's comprehension? If an American were to talk in your third world of a nation, they would have been assassinated under your orders. So feel lucky that America gives you the priviledge to talk the trash you do to it within its own borders (you know the priviledge that you deny most Venezuelans?) without any repercussions. Keep talking, jerk...keep talking...

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I don't think I should speak too loudly about ways to shut him up...

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