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Though not as popular as chefs like Emeril Lagasse or Wolfgang Puck, or any of the name brand TV chefs, he is as accomplished any of them, maybe more so.  Pepin was born and trained in France and eventually found his way to the United States. His cooking is not limited to French cooking. He has seemingly mastered most of the world's great cuisines. He has a very casual style that appeals to me. In addition to his television shows, he has also authored several cookbooks.

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Jacques Pépin 5

Jacques Pepin is a true master chef with the highest of culinary skills. I enjoyed watching his show with Julia Child as well as I own the cookbook that these two well notable chefs coauthored. His book on cooking techniques (La Technique) was on of the first that I bought years ago, I have used it so often that some of the pages have fallen out. His classic style of French cooking has earned him by France two of their highest honors in the culinary arts to be bestowed upon a chef. His recent endeavors have included recipes that are geared towards the faster paced lifestyle without losing the quality of the dish. One of the enduring professionals chefs of our time.

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