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Added on 06/06/2006
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Sistine Chapel 3

I saw it a few decades ago, well before restorations, and it was interesting but a little disappointing, in that you couldn't really see much of the famous ceiling due to the obscurations of time. At that time the lineups that others describe here weren't significant, but like magellan, I wanted to go sit in a cafe, drink wine and watch Roman women.

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Sistine Chapel 3

It's stunning, but by the time I got to it after being herded through the Vatican with a million other people, after waiting in a line that stretched about 5 city blocks, I was just tired and wanted to go sit somewhere and drink wine.

I guess that's not really Michelangelo's fault.

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Sistine Chapel 5

The Sistine Chapel has been restored! And you should go for a visit to Michelangelo's masterpiece. You will not be allows to take photographs, as the flash from your camera will (eventually) cause more damage to the paint. Not to worry, there is a store with photos. Additionally, the entire Chapel has been digitally scanned and is available online for close and personal viewing!

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Sistine Chapel 5

UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING. Just UNBELIEVABLE. Almost overwhelming. I remember entering this place and just feeling completely awestruck. Amazing work of art. Michelangelo is the man.

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