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Overall Rating:3.50 based on 8 ratings
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CanadaSucks (45)
The first two were decent films- but this one's strictly for the cash. . .story, acting, and ending were not equal to the earlier installments. . .worthy of 3 stars for a few cool sequences, but not much more. . .

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SerpentSmasher (0)
not bad. very bad hair coloring. Beast was good. What was with the bald kid?

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lightfinger2000 (2)
Loerke I agree.This movie is definately inferior to the first 2 movies.They underplay Magneto in the first 2 then decide to upgrade his power only to be inferior to Dark Phoenix/Jean Grey whom is also lackluster.Plenty of opportunity to be a good film but poor screenplay

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Loerke (46)
This installment tries to get by on special effects, not on story or acting, like the others did. Moving a bridge around looks cool on the screen, but what if we just don't care about the superheroine who does it? The first X-Men had an urgency this one utterly lacked; instead, it feels a little pro forma, like they need to round out the franchise so as to prepare us consumers for the $40 box set.

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zuchinibut (35)
I've enjoyed the other two X-Men movies, and the third one was just as good. The same level of quality that was used in the previous two movies was there for this one. My only complaint was that it felt a little short in length to me.

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jesse222 (14)
A awsome, awsome MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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