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Overall Rating: 4.67 based on 3 ratings

There are at least two fantastic chase sequences in Ronin and both are made all the more impressive by high-speed (up to 110MPH) and the narrow streets of Paris and Nice, France. The panic-stricken look on the face of Robert De Niro is genuine: he was often in the car during the chase sequences.

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ma duron (59)
More than very thrilling in late director John Frankenheimer's actioner, but, contrary to the realistic (for a movie?) chases in 'Bullitt' and in 'The French Connection', a bit too much over the top, the expert driving skills involved notwithstanding. 3
minkeydude (32)
This was absolutely awesome. I bought this movie just to play and replay that sequence. 3
Ridgewalker (116)
Can't take anything away from the most famous car chase scene in "The French Connection", but, in my opinion, the car chases in "Ronin" were the best ever on film. In fact, over 80 cars were destroyed in these sequences. Even though DeNiro was in it, the Audis ruled here.6
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