Los Angeles Clippers Win A Playoff Series

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The Los Angeles Clippers, arguably the most mocked sports franchise, broke a thirty year drought by defeating the Nuggets in the first round of the NBA playoffs. (Add picture)

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irishgit (94)
And the sub-head on the story was....

"Satan cuts ribbon to open Hell's Alpine Skiing facility"
jamestkirk (25)
They have a lot of talent on their roster. As far as I'm concerned, winning a series was expected by most knowledgeable fans.1
luridlloyd (7)
The very nature of the Draft is to help the bad teams get better. It is only the very least competent(like the Warriors) teams that can lose for so long. It takes amazing skill as a loser to fail in the NBA for more than a decade. One would think, after a couple of Lottery picks, & a couple of moves a team could get a few games over .500 and at least make the playoffs after five years. As a Warriors fan I wish we could trade Dunleavy the player for Dunleavy the coach.2
CanadaSucks (30)
It's a big story for in-the-know-NBA-types. . .but I was fearful for the earth crashing into the sun. . .2
alpepper (17)
Not that amazing, the Clips were a pretty good team. I found the Phoenix/LAC series to be one of the most entertaining matchups in the NBA playoffs, especially Game 4.2
IgnatiusJReilly (66)
But look what happened next. Taken to town and dominated by my PHOENIX SUNS!!!3
zuchinibut (28)
Fairly significant considering how bad they have been over the last 30 years. The Clippers look to finally be on the upswing. I guess its time for a team like the Hawks to take their place as the most inept NBA team.0
magellan (113)
There's a great Sports Guy article about why this year was different with the Clips. It started with Stirling deciding to spend some money to get Mobley.

But the key guy was Cassell. From the day he got there, Cassell wouldn't take water breaks during practice - he'd just practice his free throws. Then Mobley started copying him. Then Brand. And soon, nobody was taking any breaks.

Plus Brand rebuilt his body and went from a top 25 player to a top 10 player.

And now the Clips are in the second round... Would love to see that Kobe / Clippers match up.
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