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Overall Rating:3.40 based on 5 ratings
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zuchinibut (35)
Akeelah and the Bee is a great movie because it is teaching a lesson that desperately needs to be taught in communities where education is not valued. This movie encourages students, especially those who are poor, black, or female, to be strong and display your talents for others to see. The whole premise sounds like an after-school special (kids don't have those anymore), but it was truly a well done movie. Laurence Fishburn was great in his role as the no nonsense mentor, and Keke Palmer looks to be an actress who has a lot of potential. Akeelah and the Bee isn't a movie for everybody, but it should be must see for elementary and middle school aged students and their families.

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Gloomyeeyore (6)
This was a cute movie about a girl named Akeelah that ends up joining the spelling bee. The only problem with the movie is that the ending is very unrealistic.

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Molfan (56)
an almost five. great movie. 11 year old Akeelah lives in the poorer part of los angeles. she is very smart especially in spelling. she hides her talent at first because of peer pressure. but is encouraged by a former teacher who talks her into entering competitive spelling bees. she ends up eventually going to the nationals. very good script and terrific actors make this movie believable . and got me to actually like a movie about a spelling bee. the very end is a bit far fetched if you know anything about rules of spelling bees. but otherwise terrific movie.

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