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Metrosexual- The concept that appearing to be gay will help you get womenGet Rating Widget!

Overall Rating: 3.30 based on 10 ratings

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DumbBlondeCowgirl (25)
I really don't think I could handle a straight man who is higher maintenance than I am. I want to be the only princess in the relationship.1
IgnatiusJReilly (78)
Even the name scream GIRLY!!!1
SZinHonshu (48)
Admittedly, I never tried this one out during my bachelor days. Just as well, too, because I never could have pulled it off. I had the blonde hair, slight frame and blue eyes but my voice is much too deep and comes out like quadraphonic stereo, plus I'm a crappy dresser given to slovenliness.1
kamylienne (77)
While effeminate males aren't very "manly", I don't think it's real evidence that "man is a dying breed". What do I think makes man a "dying breed"? How about the chivalrous man being on the "endangered species" list? And that's not to say that that's entirely the fault of males; it's also about women being rude to men, too, so that men are afraid to be nice so that they won't be labeled "sexist". What about deadbeat dads, who ditch their kids (not that this is anything new, but I gotta give credit to the men who own up to their responsibilities and take care of their kids)? Being a "man" isn't about what you drink or what you wear so much as it's about how you act and what you do. And the same can be said of women. 2
Djahuti (57)
I don't know if this term has much to do with being gay or straight.I believe it has the connotation that a guy is very pre-occupied with his appearance;over-groomed,as it were.Anyway,I find the term and concept annoying.I like my body hair,and don't get why a guy would want to shave all over unless he's really got "gorilla back".One of the great things about being a Guy used to be NOT spending a lot of time in the mirror,putting on lotions and potions.I guess "Queer eye for the Straight Guy" has suckered some guys into this hollow trend.I say we hetero dudes fight back with a new show "Straight eye for the Queer Guy" where we tell them what to do with the botox and cologne!3
Jed1000 (75)
For the sake of accuracy someone should point out that metrosexuality is NOT "the concept that appearing to be gay will help you get women." Men who adopt the metrosexual way of things don't think they either look gay or appear to be gay. They simply think they look good. I'm not promoting the concept.. just trying to be accurate about it.8
Bird808 (53)
Not into the metro-sexual man type thingy. It's way too girly, the way I see it either your straight or your gay none of this in-between stuff. 3
numbah16tdhaha (136)
This is a bit of an abomination. Most of the women who like me like the fact that I'm a departure from the little bitches some men have become. I may be a caveman, but I surely am a man.3
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