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Abuse of another person

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SneakyStalin (0)
In Soviet Union, Person abuses you!

Also Capitalism.
SilverFox (10)
There is no acceptable justification--repeat, none whatsoever--for abusing another person. Any purported justification for doing so is only a rationalization, or, more properly, self-delusion. One can disagree with another person, or correct them, or be angry with them, without abusing them. To abuse another shows a lack of self-control and civility, and perhaps shows a lack of self-confidence and self-respect. Futher, it produces negative results; positive results are more likely when one creates a win-win situation by being civil while disagreeing, correcting, or educating.3
SZinHonshu (48)
In my profession, and in one of my niches in this line of work, I would not be doing my job if a person (the opposing party) was not suffering. It's not enough that I win. The other side has to walk away with the stress, pressure, problems and aggravation I caused it. My reputation for accomplishing this is precisely why I get a good chunk of the work I do.2
kattwoman (24)
nobody should abuse another person just because they can1
Djahuti (56)
No one wants to be abused.(Well,there are a few-but that's a different topic!)0
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