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"I wanted to show the Congress I'm not a criminal," Pedro Cruz, "I'm just trying to work here, trying to survive."

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Reviews for "I wanted to show the Congress I'm not a criminal," Pedro Cruz, "I'm just trying to work here, trying to survive."  1-4 OF 4

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"I was undocumented. Now I am a U.S. Citizen thank
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Underspin (28)
Fine. But what he and many like him may not understand, is that for working class citizens of this nation, illegal aliens are actually hurting their chances at self-betterment by significantly driving down wages and taking many many of their jobs. Such positions are not limitless as many far-left elites typically suggest; clearly these jobs must first be given preference to workers who actually live here LEGALLY.3
Drummond (54)
A basic quote. Like I said elsewhere, if I was Mexican and poor, I'd be here any way I could be, legal or illegal. Since being admitted legally is like winning the lottery, I'd probably be here illegally, just trying to survive and feed my kids.2
magellan (128)
**Apologies Ridge. I took "take more than give" to mean "freeloader." It sounds like what you meant is more in terms of the burden on a community of not properly assimilating. ** Ridge, I think you must have had some different experiences with Mexican immigrants than I have. Do you know how many Mexican panhandlers I've seen in San Francisco? One. And he's crazy. And (I think) he's legal. Why is that? Because they're all too busy working to beg and freeload. These people work like dogs. They line up at the Uhaul and help people move. They staff the kitchens. They stand on the street until pickups come and get them to do manual labor. Maybe there are Mexican immigrants who sit around freeloading and soaking up services and not producing, but I haven't met any. As far as I'm concerned, the "take and not give" stuff could apply to a lot of folks here in San Francisco. Not Mexicans though. (I'm not saying you're making stuff up, I'm just saying that lazy and freeloading would not be words that I would use to describe the Mexican immigrants that I've met). And again, I'm not saying we shouldn't enforce the law, I'm not saying that something doesn't need to be done. I'm just saying that let's not demonize folks who just want to work. 1
Ridgewalker (114)
Magellan...as I have stated, the area that I live in an area that is inundated with illegal (I'm beginning to hate that word) Mexicans. I can line-up at leat 50 of them and call them by their given names. I teach English to several men and women. My next door neighboords are illegal aliens and I do no know of one of them that panhandles. They work their asses off. We share recipes and feed each other. Finally had my first home-cooked molé, thanks to my friend, Juana. Some are scared...their plans went awry. When they got here, their friends were gone and no where to be found. I feed them and have given them money. This is no way to live, even if they are working and feel like they have to drive around the block to see if any strange cars are parked in front of their homes. These are some of the people who get sucked into the marching and demonstrations. They are vulnerable and easily swayed. These people would be much better off if they felt that they could live openly amonst Americans. How? First, they need to learn to speak English. Second, they need to learn how to earn their citizenship. As is, their weight is quite a burden on our community. They take more than they give. Original: Yes, Pedro, and so are most citizens. You want to take, but you don't want to give.9
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