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Friends of Eddie Coyle, The (1973)

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edt4 (86)
I've written about it elsewhere, but it remains one of my favorite crime movies. George Higgins, a journalist and district attorney, wrote some chillingly hard-edged crime novels: this one, "The Digger's Game", and "Cogan's Trade" (I always hoped some one was going to make movies based on these novels, but no such luck, alas). Mitchum, a very effective actor when he wanted to be, has never been better than he is here, and Boyle is magnificent (there has been some suggestion that the hitman Dillon was based on real-life mobster Whitey Bulger, but the late Higgins always denied it), as are the under-rated Richard Jordan and Steven Keats. Alex Rocco, as bank robber Jimmy Scalise, actually was a low-level thug associated with the notorious Winter Hill gang of Boston. His girlfriend was hit on by Charlestown mobster George McLaughlin in 1961. Rocco (then Alex Petricone) and a friend beat up McLaughlin, precipitating Boston's infamous "Irish Gang War" of the early to mid 1960's (it supposedly ended when New England "Godfather" Ray Patriarca threatened "martial law" if the wholesale killing didn't stop). Petricone apparently didn't have the stomach for violence, as he fled to Hollywood, took acting lessons, changed his name to Rocco, and became one of our most durable character actors. As Irishgit says, it's a gritty, grimy, brilliant little film, and it seems almost "criminal" (pardon the pun) that so few people are familiar with it today.3
GenghisTheHun (155)
I should have rated this movie ere now, but I defer to Irishgit's good review and recommend that you read it.

This is one of my favorite gangster flicks and I recommend that you rent it and watch it.
irishgit (117)
A gritty, grimy, brilliant little film based on an equally gritty, grimy and brilliant book by George V. Higgins.

Boyle is magnificent as a mid-level gangster-bartender-killer, and is a perfect foil for the incredible job done by Robert Mitchum in the title role.

The sequence when Boyle and his crony are setting their victim up for the hit, taking him to a Bruins game is extraordinarily well done.
oscargamblesfro (71)
Boyle was terrific as a bartender/ hit man in this excellent movie based on the fine George Higgins book. Arguably, speaking as a native of the place, no other film has presented the underworld and the blue collar world of Boston so convincingly and realistically as this one. For some reason, it's rare and impossible to find on DVD, though A&E; used to show it now and again. Wonderful performance by the great Robert Mitchum, and good performances by Alex Rocco and other character actors too.4
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