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I like burgers but I don't like them from MacDonalds or Burger KingGet Rating Widget!

Overall Rating: 3.63 based on 8 ratings

There are other choices than fast food burgers. (Add picture)

This item was submitted by irishgit (122) on 4/4/2006 5:22:22 PM.

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Reviews for I like burgers but I don't like them from MacDonalds or Burger King  1-6 OF 6

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reuterstKintrigant30 (0)
most of all all freshness comes from a vacation on the beach with a great grill to eat that special burger. 0
portecrayon (9)
They both Suck, in fact my dogs will not eat them!0
Chippy (1)
McDonalds and Burger King are basically toxic waste in a bun. You cant really call this food because it tastes nothing like it.
The food is so overprocessed they have to add flavoring back to make it taste real again.
edt4 (88)
Irishgit hits the nail on the head once again. These mediocre "burgers" are tasteless, tiny, and potentially damaging to your health. I eat them only under the most dire of circumstances...for example, I'm stuck on the Thruway, it's 3:30pm, I haven't eaten anything all day, and the only thing in sight are those ubiquitous "Golden Arches". I try to stick to only 2 cheeseburgers (and a Coke to wash it all down with) but always regret it...within minutes, I imagine I can literally feel the plaque hardening in my arteries...3
irishgit (122)
I loathe fast food burgers. Don't eat them from here, unless in the direst of need.9
Drummond (56)
About the only fast food burgers I go for are Carl's Jrs or In-N-Out. Mostly, I prefer a good home made burger.2
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