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Overall Rating: 4.06 based on 16 ratings

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VladsFutureWifey (1)
Accents act like three extra glasses of wine when trying to get a woman into bed. ;)1
tracy0021 (80)
I think one of those slow Texas drawls is sexy as hell..spoken softly of course.8
jacsy (0)

Its a sweeping generalisation to say you like British accents as the differ vastly from place to place. The accent of a Northerner is different to the accent of someone from someone from London for example.

irishgit (121)
With a pint of Guinness or a dram of Tullamore Dew in me, I can do a pretty fair Donegal lilt.

Seems to work.
93century (34)
I dont get it. Women always fall for Jose the spanish gardener. What if he happened to be gay!2
HistoryFan (83)
Almost any European accent turns me on; Scottish ones are a PLUS!2
MissPackRat (29)
I find these kind of accents enchanting and very intriguing.1
Blue Orchid (43)
I'm a big sucker for British or Irish accents!2
Yeah, I like to hear guys from the UK speak, and I also like West Indian accents too.2
Molfan (51)
yes! for some reason i am so taken by a guy with an accent. British, is charming irish, nice.or some other kind of europe accent. something sexy about some of the accents that get my attention.2
Bird808 (55)
I remember there was this guy from Scotland at Uni who sounded just like Sean Connery, even had the same vocal range as the guy. Everytime he spoke or asked a question in class every girl in that room would bat their eyelids, smile at him, cross their legs and think of heaven.4
DumbBlondeCowgirl (22)
Accents are very sexy.3
kamylienne (74)
Not typically by itself, but in music, a Spanish accent (and even much of the Spanish language) is, for some reason, totally hot. It's just a very sensual-sounding language, I don't know what it is about it that just makes me purr.6
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