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Overall Rating:4.33 based on 6 ratings
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T-Bone Walker (thanks Djahuti)
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portecrayon (10)

SRV Kicked ass until the day he died!

If you ever saw SRV in concert this dude had the best Moon walk this side of Whacko Jacko and SRV covers of Hendrix songs and Guitar histronics were second to none.

How many rateitall raters knew SRV was the guitar player on David Bowie's Let's Dance. Listen closely and you will here SRV cutting it up!

Long Live SRV!

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cevaking (1)

SRV once said: Let us hope that the music is taken seriously, you know? That doesn't mean it can't be fun, but it doesn't mean it can just be skimmed over and called "the blues" because it's got three chords, and it's in so-and-so key, and it's the speed, you know? (Laughs) There's too many thangs going on in life that are hard to deal with, or hard to look at. That's what the blues is about. It's about, as far as I can tell, it's a way to tell somebody what's going on, and by doing that, either whoever is listening to it can relate to what you're saying, because it's the same thang that's happening to them, and as a result they feel better. Or it's worse than what they're going through, so they go, "Whew!" and feel better. Or it's not quite as bad, and then go, "Well, this is WORSE, but at least somebody understands!" and feel better. And then there's the happy side of life, you know, when that part's over! And that's blues, too, you know, because you grew from it!

That's Stevie in a nutshell, the greatness is for everyone to see.

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Djahuti (53)
Vaughn was the greatest living guitarist IMO before his untimely and tragic death.He also wrote some good songs and had an above average voice.He was certainly the only one who could do a worthy Hendrix cover!

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doobiesNhof (21)
He was a master of blues/rock guitar. One of the top guitarists of all time.

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