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Ray-Ban 1

they work the same as sunglasses that cost a dollar. they're trendy and unoriginal

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Ray-Ban 5

I wouldn't even leave the house without my Ray-Bans! I actually bought them as a second pair of glasses after my Oakleys were stolen (again) and thought they would make a nice pair of glasses for everyday use. I've now had them for well over three years which is the longest I've ever had a pair of sunglasses in active use. They are very light which is nice because I can wear them for long periods of time without getting a headache. The best thing about Ray-Bans is the durability. They flex in so many different directions while immediately bouncing right back to their original form which is great for someone like me who can be pretty rough on a pair of shades. Very highly recommended if you've never owned a pair! GREAT sunglasses.

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Ray-Ban 5

Hard to believe no one has reviewed Ray-Ban. That shit's hot!

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