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woman who is a good housekeeper.Get Rating Widget!

Overall Rating: 3.33 based on 15 ratings

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Reviews for woman who is a good housekeeper.  1-14 OF 14

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Aristotle77 (28)
If you God can listen to sinner like me,then do this for me,will you?1
LastMessenger3 (47)
I am a "clean freak", so for me to have a woman who isn't, will be desasterous.2
Djahuti (57)
Being on the Oscar Madison side myself,I can't ask a lady to pick up after me.However,if she does,I'll find a way to make it up to her! When I lived with my fiance,we shared the cleaning.I mopped,she vacuumed and dusted.0
SZinHonshu (48)
As a girlfriend, no. As a wife, absolutely. It's like with cooking. If she can't or won't do it as your spouse, it immediately makes her less desireable as a long-term partner and puts her at a disadvantage to the competition of women who also would like to secure a lifetime commitment from you. And from a personal standpoint (I realize that many others will not share this opinion), there is something terribly unfeminine about a woman lacking domestic skills.2
DumbBlondeCowgirl (25)
I will just say that it is VERY hard to keep a superneat house with a man, woman, 2 young kids, and a dog. Especially when both parents work and go to school. We clean our house once a week and we all pitch in and do it together. It is a full team job. At least it gets done, though.4
CastleBee (82)
Guess what? When two or more people share a house and both of them work (which applies to most couples these days) it isn't considered unusual for BOTH to share in the upkeep of the household. Contrary to popular male opinion, running a vacuum through the house or picking up a dust cloth will NOT make your balls fall off. 11
IgnatiusJReilly (79)
Yeah, IJR is a lazy bum and needs a good housekeeper. Gee, I wonder if ALICE from the Brady Bunch every married Sam The Butcher?3
Ih8rateitall (6)
I don't want a chick who can't cook or clean.5
AndrewScott (73)
This must be why I always found Alice from the Brady Bunch so hot. Secretly, the rest of the bunch were nasty slobs, yet no one could ever tell. What more could you want in life?9
Donovan (110)
My wife is a clean fanatic, but since she works outside the home also, I help her and rightly so, but she definitely does the bulk of the work. I know I should do more!6
souljunkie (22)
I need this because Im not a great "cleaner upper". Im good with overall cleaning but there is nothing like a womans touch. Thats really what I am lending to more here. My wife has a real passion for quality of life, the little things that make the difference. That was a quality I fell for real fast real hard. 2
Drummond (56)
Unfortunately, it doesn't come naturally to either of us. We have to work at it, which is a real challenge now with a 4 year old and a 1 year old.5
Molfan (53)
I "molfan" most may know is a female. as for housekeeping I said right up front I am not suzy homemaker, I do not have spotless immaculate until it sparkles home. I am not a pig either. I try to keep stuff picked up. do the laundry, do the dishes. etc. I guess our house is somewhere in the middle. the way I look at it is there are four people living in this house, and why just because i am a woman it is my sole job to keep it cleaned.all of us should have that responsibility. it would be degrading otherwise.7
zuchinibut (32)
I have slob tendencies at times, and having a woman who either likes to clean or does a good job of it is necessary. If I was with a slob of a woman, then our place wouldn't look so clean.2
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