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Robert McNamara (Viet Nam hawk to nuclear dove)Get Rating Widget!

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CanadaSucks (45)
Interesting figure. . .there is a shift in philosohy. . .but at the real risk of oversimplification, does Mac's shift/words/proclomations sound like an old man mellowing out and trying to make peace about guilty feelings/actions as an old man to anyone else?

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EschewObfuscation (61)
According some ideological "movement" to MacNamara is a stretch. Kennedy wanted him to serve as his Treasury Secretary after his election in 1960. MacNamara refused, assuring Kennedy that he was not qualified. Kenendy then suggested Defense Secretary, just wishing to have this brilliant man in his cabinet. Johnson kept him on after Kennedy's assassination and after he won re-election. I find it comical how a few extreme leftos wail at Bush "lying" about the War in Iraq, though nobody feels the need to articulate the lies and show his intent to lie and his knowledge of the truth. Probably because no such evidence exists. MacNamara was in a similar position with a hostile, activist press, dying to expose any contradictory story, fanning up the war protests. He learned to parse his words, infuriating the press further. When he said we were winning the War in Vietnam, he was right. We lost it at home, with an agenda-driven press, capable of a propaganda campaign any communist or fascist would be proud of. We're seeing it again today, but it isn't working as effectively, due to the absence of a liberal monopoly of the press, unlike 1967 through 1975. I don't see much evidence of an idoelogical evolution on MacNamara's part, though. He certainly regrets the outcome of the Vietnam War, and how he is being treated by histroy. Johnson's decision not to run for re-election in 1968 sealed his fate, Nixon ran on a platform of Peace With Honor, translated to "I'll get us out of Vietnam, no matter what. " Turning the war effort over to the other party assured all the blame (though the press successfully transferred it over to Nixon somehow) would fall on MacNamara. There actually were democrat hawks in America, during this period. A time long since gone forever, apparently.

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Drummond (54)
The architect of the Viet Nam war under Johnson, who eventually became very apologetic for his role in the war. He also took a very firm stand for nuclear disarmament. Mother Jones had a story in the early 1980s entitled "Viet Nam Hawks become Nuclear Doves," and discussed several military brass figures who had made a major transition, leading to the formation of the Center for Defense Studies (I may have the name wrong) consisting of former military experts who now advocate more restraint in foreign policy.

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