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AndrewScott (73)
Their marketing departments have spent billions over the years convincing us of the fact. And I do think they've succeeded in winning a spot by Mom's apple pie.
oscargamblesfro (72)
The former more so than the latter, but sure...
Djahuti (54)
We are symbolized by two competing brands of soda pop? How rich in metaphor! Like the the leading political parties,both brands are mostly just water and a cheap sugar substitute (high fructose corn syrup) with zero nutritional value and billions of dollars wasted on advertizing the product.Soda does NOTHING for your health.You are better off drinking WATER.
CastleBee (79)
Both are icons to be sure. I do think that Coke out ranks Pepsi as the top dog icon-wise - even though I still prefer to actually drink Pepsi.
Molfan (50)
i bet when some see coke or pepsi it is an american product. most of have our favorites. mine pepsi {and Dr.Pepper}. you see this represented in commercials "americans" out there doing their thing drinking coke or pepsi. still around after many many decades.
Underspin (24)
Although other countries have some wonderful tasting carbonated beverages (perhaps the best, Brazilian Guarana), Pepsi and esp Coca Cola remain synonymous internationally as being two of the most recognizable and widely sold beverages of any kind in the world. Certainly to many a clear symbol of American cultural ubiquity and popularity, and to some, fiscal success, dominance and even control.
HistoryFan (85)
If this isn't synonymous with American popular culture, I don't know what is.
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