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LadyJesusFan777 (33)
I admire those who are disabled and have the determination to want to go to work. It is too bad that there's discrimination out there. I personally believe there should be special accomodations made for those who are so willing.

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TeresaG (29)
One of my best friends had Polio as a child and has no use of her legs. She is either constanly in a wheelchair or uses arm braces for things. She works at the Fire Department doing office work. There is NO REASON for people with disabilities to not work. BUT, as Irishgit said, sometimes there can be requirements the disabled cannot meet to work at a certain place ~ but there is always SOMETHING! The disabled want to work ~ it's the ones who want the disability pay that don't.

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irishgit (138)
When this occurs and there is no issue regarding the requirements of job, it is repellent and disgusting. You'd rather these folks were sitting at home on welfare or selling matches on streetcorners?

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GenghisTheHun (168)
A redneck with a bad limp walks into a bar and he sees Oral Roberts at the end of the bar and he says, "Hey bartender, one for me and one for Oral."

Oral Roberts drinks his beer and gets up to leave and he walks over to the redneck and touches his leg and the redneck jumps up and yells, "Don't heal me! I'm drawing disability!"

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Bird808 (52)
It's sad that people with disabilities are discriminated against when it comes to applying for anything. The majority of the time buildings, communication or even the area just simply doesn't accomodate for them. I don't know how it is in America, but if you look around certain parts of the UK; doors are not wide enough for people with wheelchairs, traffic lights change too quickly, trains are a no-go and certain shops (stores) don't have ramps instead they have steep steps. Their beginning to shape up their laws over here to allow more disability access and if people don't accomodate for people with disabilities they'll expect a heavy fine coming their way and if you ask me RIGHTFULLY SO!

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scarletfeather (47)
This happens all the time, I'm said to say. In my work with deaf people I have seen that people don't want to deal with them because of the communication barrier. Some people are really hateful to deaf people and treat them like they're idiots. It makes me sad.

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numbah16tdhaha (147)
This sucks, but sometimes a jobs requirements are a jobs requirements. If it has nothing to do with the requirements, however, that is seriously messed up.

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