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Age discriminationGet Rating Widget!

Overall Rating:3.35 based on 17 ratings
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XAgent (28)
Happens here and there to both the young and the old.

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trebon1038 (62)
I know several people who were forced out of jobs within a few years of retirement so that the companies can put some young ambitious person in the position that they don't have to pay as much.

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irishgit (138)
Yes this happens, and more often to the older in the workforce than the younger.

That being said, as is the case with a lot on this list, too many people look for discriminatory reasons for their personal shortcomings.

I may sound cold here, but the increasing whining about discrimination on most of the issues on this list, negates the real problems with discrimination that some folks face.

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GenghisTheHun (168)
I am in my sixties, and as far as I am concerned, the geezers should start thinking about stepping aside and let in some new blood.

New is not necessarily good, and when you dump the geezers, you lose lots of wisdom and experience. Let the youth learn from mistakes, however.

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missdemeanor92 (0)
I was never really like that, but I feel sorry for people who like people say you are too young for this or too old for this. Someone who is thirty could be more immature than someone who is 11. I am not 11 by the way, but I am concerned about people's view on age. I agree with something like the drinking law, but an 15 year old can buy cigarettes, but they cannot see a certain movie which has no impact on your health. I know it is against the law, but I know a girl who has bought cigarettes since she was thirteen and never had one person card her. I think that your story is one example, but I think mind is more valid because it is against age discrimination, not for.

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Seraph (8)
I work as a food runner at a movie theater-restaurant. Most of our staff is of the 18-and-under crowd, however, one time a man who appeared to be in his 30's was hired. Many of us (especially the girls) were bothered by his presence, and his insistence on speaking to us on a personal level when there was no work to be done. I couldn't help but feel nervous with him around. Some other girls' complaints to the management eventually got him fired. Even though this was age discrimination, I feel like our displeasure was founded, because this man was disrupting the work environment.

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kamylienne (77)
I don't encounter this too often, but that is likely due to my age--I'm not so young that I'm a teenager, and I'm not middle-aged yet, either. I see people complaining about elderly drivers all the time, saying that they need to have their licenses revoked, and then they react the same way when they see someone who is obviously a teenager driving. Some older people think that younger people are stupid; younger people may think older people are senile. It goes both ways.

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Bird808 (52)
Quite a bad one where I'm from as prospective employers ask for people's Date of Birth on application forms which I strongly feel doesn't matter. If your over 50 you can forget trying to find a new job as employers don't really make it a habit to hire anyone that age.

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