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Reviva Varicose Veins - Lotion, 8 oz (MyVitaNet.com)$15.57
Calendula Oil 4 fl oz from Hylands (Hyland's) (giftespot.com)$11.84
REVIVA VARICOSE VEIN LOTION 8 OZ (NationalSupplementCenter.com)$17.01
REVIVA VARICOSE VEIN LOTION 8OZ (0rder from VitaminProShop.com)$17.94
Reviva Varicose Vein Lotion 8 Oz (Smartbomb.com)$16.09

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PlanetaryGear (52)
This is too narrow of a statement to be taken as an absolute, as it is somewhat unfair to apply this logic to just the automobile, because, practically everything you come across in your daily life was manufactured by some sort of machine that uses oil-based fuels for powering and lubrication. Heck, the very oil-based plastic keyboards that we are all using to type on right now contributes to our dependence on foreign oil to some extent. But, there is no question that automobiles are responsible for the lions share of consumer-based consumption. I think, more than anything, it represents our failures to seek out alternative energy sources that could be used to power automobiles. For example: An electric car plugged into a socket that is connected to a hydro or solar power plant would essentially render the issue moot, as pertains to the automobile.

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Drummond (54)
The US spends 60 billion per year on foreign oil (this figure may even be dated). 8 million barrels of oil per day are combusted in US cars. That's 450 gallons per person per year.

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