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The average working American in 2005 spent 107 work days to earn money to pay taxes

Overall Rating:Average Rating (3.56) based on 18 ratings

The average working American in 2005 spent 107 work days to earn earn money to pay taxes. (Add picture)

This item was submitted by SZinHonshu (49) on 3/9/2006 2:10:17 PM.

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Reviews for The average working American in 2005 spent 107 work days to earn money to pay taxes  1-13 OF 13

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U.S. troops are currently in Iraq.
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kamylienne (76)
I don't mind my money going to taxes. I mind how the tax money is being wasted. Big difference. 4
Loerke (24)
Agreed. One main reason: the friggin' Iraq War.3
morphagent (0)
Money spent is not the same as money wasted. Beauracracy has the efficiancy of a '68 El Dorado. Cut the fat.1
supremecritic (3)
its not good but its the same in nearly every country in the world, but high taxation should equal good services.

is america proud of its army? if so why complain about taxation the usa's military budget is absolutly huge, the money has to come from somewhere
Djahuti (55)
Read Dubbayas lips: "Duuuuhhhhh...."1
Donovan (109)
Wait until the Democrats get in the Oval Office and we will be working more days than that. 1
jamestkirk (25)
I don't like it, but what is so new about that?2
minkeydude (32)
Takes money to run a country. What can you do, besides volunteer to clean up your community, and thereby do your part to lower taxes. Or, take part in town meetings, or lobby your congressman about how you feel your tax dollars should be spent.1
HistoryFan (86)
Holy smokes....3
aWiseguy (72)
...sounds very American.2
Drummond (54)
And how much to pay rent?4
souljunkie (22)
Oh my God! Im blown away but at the same time we (my wife and I) have very much been living to work lately instead of the opposite. Ive conceded to taking time off when I know Im not usually being paid for it. And we have not had a real vacation since our Honeymoon almost 6 years ago. We are becoming quickly like ants, working for the queen without stopping to smell the roses so that she might reproduce her own without concience. This is just wrong! 3
SZinHonshu (49)
The Facts: 38 days to pay individ. income taxes. 30 days to pay social ins. taxes. 16 days to pay sales and excise taxes. 11 days to pay property taxes. 9 days to pay corporate income taxes. 3 days to pay other assorted taxes. Compare that to: 2 days for savings. 31 days for transportation. 52 days for medical care. 13 days for clothing and related items. You want to get upset about something in the United States? Here's your issue. Take a good hard look at the above. Where is your life, not just your labor, being spent? What are you doing with the hours you have on this planet? Your function, in the early 21st Century, is to act as a source of funds and revenue for an enormous governmental structure that is as divorced from what this country was intended to be by its creators, as McDonald's Quarter Pounders are from a healthy diet. Take a gooooooood look. Do the above numbers describe a thriving capitalist economy or the forerunner/precursor to a Marxist "worker's paradise"?5
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