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Marbles (thanx to Ridgwalker)Get Rating Widget!

Overall Rating: 4.00 based on 14 ratings

Cat's eyes, aggies, big ones, small ones

This item was submitted by Ridgewalker (116) on 2/28/2006 3:59:09 PM.

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kamylienne (77)
I don't know if they're "obsolete", but sometimes I feel like I've lost mine!5
Jed1000 (75)
I wish there were a ratings option for "Not Obsolete" because that's what I'd use for this one. You can still buy them.. and kids still play with them.. so how are they obsolete? They aren't.9
kattwoman (24)
the thing is now they are highly collectible especially if they are old ones. i have a friend who finds them everywhere. she loves them. if anybody still has them from their childhood it would be worth looking into what you got before you decide to get rid of them.1
Drummond (56)
My 4 year old likes marbles. Jacks may be obsolete, but I'm not sure marbles are. There's a bit of strategy involved. 1
Molfan (53)
it is too bad the game of marbles has gone away. you can still buy marbles but it get the feeling most children walk past them. I had some marbles as a child. do not recall playing the actual game of marbles in competition.I would have lost all of them for sure. I think I just liked to collect them and see which ones i could get. I do not know where they ended up. my mother probably threw them away. I remember liking to look at them and which ones were the prettier etc. they were affordable so nice to collect.3
FranksWildYears (37)
A few of the kids' games and toys still use them, but they aren't the essential toy that they used to be. I think the next generation won't even know what they were and the term "you lost your marbles" will become as strange sounding as the phrase "you sound like a broken record". Kids won't really understand what the words mean. 3
irishgit (122)
I had a purple Crown Royal bag full of marbles. Miss them.2
CanadaSucks (38)
One of the most wonderful listings I've seen for some time. . .my mason jar of marbles. . .I can smile just thinking about them. . .and I don't smile at much. . . 3
frogio (50)
Of all the things I miss, I miss my marbles the most.5
HistoryFan (87)
I used to play with my dad's toy marbles he collected as a kid. I can't remember where they are now.2
Ridgewalker (116)
A good block of my childhood was spent in my bedroom playing with my marbles (easy, folks). I had two armies: the marble army and the little green, plastic soldier army. I would set the soldiers up in formation (they didn't have a chance) and send in the first wave of little marbles. Clear ones, cloudy ones, solid-colored ones. They were led by their Captain, he was my only big marble and he was orange and wide and pretty well battered. I got pretty good at hitting the plastic soldiers with one marble at a time. On bad days, I would throw fistfuls at a time. God, that was great. Then, one day I had an epiphany. I thought, hell, if I could shoot acorns out of the empty barrel of my BB gun, I should try putting the marbles in them. The Captain wouldn't fit, but the little guys could. They came out pretty good, but they wouldn't go far. They would just arc and fall. So, I just put the barrel right up to the soldiers and blasted their asses. Then, all of the soldiers were gone. Just as well...summer was over and I was off to college.9
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