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Automotive Museums: Dragsters to Duesenbergs (Netflix)$4.99
Packard Automobile Ad from 1938 (PastPresent Antique Map and Print Gallery)$39.00
Convertibles DVD (History Channel)$24.95
HP Grab N' Stow Multipurpose Paper (GreenLightOffice.com)$18.47
1955 Packard Caribbean (The Franklin Mint)$120.00

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Packards (thanx to m.a. duron)

Overall Rating:Average Rating (1.75) based on 4 ratings

Land vehicle (Add picture)

This item was submitted by ma duron (58) on 2/28/2006 12:07:21 PM.

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Reviews for Packards (thanx to m.a. duron)  1-4 OF 4

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VirileVagabond (29)
In my opinion past fads and older models of existing products aren't really obsolete, and the Packard clearly falls into the latter category. These cars were built from 1899 to 1958, so they were well before my time; however, Packard Motors was obviously successful for some time, and these old cars are now valuable (far from obsolete). The bottom line, Packards get a single star not because I'm glad that they're gone, but rather because an old model car isn't really obsolete (as compared to the 8-track tape for instance).1
Drummond (54)
The precurser to SUV's that probably caused the gas shortages of the 1970s. When Chrysler refused to acknowledge fuel efficiency as a consumer demand, they almost went under requiring a government bail-out to stay afloat. 2 decades later, we're back into the same practices, only it's passe to talk about personal responsibility when it comes to conservation.1
ma duron (58)
Miss the behemoths that failed to keep up with popular tastes and demands (and the DeSotos; Studebakers; Nashes; Austins; Karman Ghias; etc.)2
kattwoman (24)
i don't remember them anyway.1
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